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"Martin Chuzzlewit": Funeral Preparations (06:33)


Seth Pecksniff fetches Mrs. Gamp who was recommended by the local undertaker. Chuffey, Anthony Chuzzlewit's clerk bothers the widow. Jonas decides to visit Wiltshire.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Mary and Martin Meet (06:19)

Martin Chuzzlewit Jr. plans to depart for America to seek his fortune. Mary Graham feels uneasy about deceiving Martin Chuzzlewit Sr. Tom Pinch will receive Chuzzlewit Jr.'s letters and pass them on to Graham; Tapley gives Graham's ring to Chuzzlewit, Jr. as a token of love.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Funeral Procession (04:48)

Sarah Gamp prepares Chuffey for the funeral. Chuzzlewit Jr. collapses in the street after discovering that Anthony has died. Jonas asks the amount of Charity Pecksniff's dowry.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Taking Another Position (03:08)

Mrs. Gamp is offered a position as a night nurse to a young man who has fallen ill. Mr. Mould agrees to her taking the job, provided she does not inform Jonas about it.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Returning to Wiltshire (06:13)

When Pecksniff departs to write a letter, Jonas proposes to Mercy. Charity is inconsolable.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Demanding a Larger Dowry (02:24)

Jonas asks for an additional thousand pounds. Pinch informs Pecksniff that Martin Chuzzlewit, Sr. and Graham will be arriving shortly.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Chuzzlewit Sr. Arrives (04:29)

Pecksniff invites Chuzzlewit, Sr. and Graham for supper. Chuzzlewit, Sr. complains of Jonas' treatment toward his brother.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": In London (02:21)

The landlords found John Westlock's letter and contacted him about expenses. Gamp nurses a patient at night and believes he will make a nice looking corpse.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Dinner in Wiltshire (04:45)

Chuzzlewit Sr. offers Jonas his hand in friendship. Charity cries as Mercy takes Jonas' hand to go into supper. After Pinch escorts Chuzzlewit Sr. and Graham back to the Blue Dragon, he argues with Jonas.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": News from America (05:38)

Charity believes Pinch struck Jonas out of his admiration for her. Graham receives a letter from Chuzzlewit, Jr. General Diver tells Chuzzlewit and Tapley about the "Eden" settlement.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": (05:32)

Chuzzlewit Sr. asks Mercy why she agreed to the match. Jonas wants to get married next week. Gamp's patient screams the name "Chuzzlewit" during a hallucination.

Credits: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 3 (00:50)

Credits: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 3

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Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 3

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Jonas organizes an uncharacteristically lavish funeral for his father and then, encouraged by Pecksniff, returns with him to Wiltshire to recuperate and pay further attention to Charity. In the event, he proposes to Mercy, Pecksniff’s younger, prettier daughter. Charity is humiliated by Jonas’s deception and Mercy's acceptance of it. In the uproar that follows, old Martin and Mary Graham arrive unexpectedly on their promised visit, forcing Pecksniff into ludicrous deceptions to create an illusion of peace in the house. Tom Pinch, though secretly in love with Mary himself, brings news to her that young Martin has reached New York and that he and Mark Tapley have purchased a property in Eden, a new development on the Mississippi. Old Martin tires to warn Mercy of the dangers of entering into a marriage without love, but heedlessly she allows herself to be taken back to London by the loyal old clerk of the late Anthony Chuzzlewit.

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