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"Martin Chuzzlewit": Introduction (04:57)


Seth Pecksniff finds a man who wishes to learn architecture to lodge with his family. Martin Chuzzlewit, Sr. falls ill while traveling by stagecoach. Mary Graham, an orphan girl, cares for Chuzzlewitt.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": John Westlock Says Goodbye (02:15)

Pecksniff refuses to shake hands in forgiveness. Westlock complains that Pecksniff lived off his tuition fees and did not teach him architecture. Pecksniff rebukes Tom Pinch for the introduction.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": That Night (02:35)

Westlock and Pinch say goodbye. Mrs. Lupin agrees to allow Pecksniff to care for Chuzzlewit Sr. and Graham.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Cousins Reunite (06:34)

Chuzzlewit, Sr. explains that his money has poisoned relationships with his extended family and lives in constant suspicion. Graham understands that she will not inherit anything when he dies. Pecksniff pleads Chuzzlewit Jr.'s case.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Extended Relations (06:27)

Pinch sees Graham while he is playing the organ at church. Pecksniff encounters a distant relation, Chevy Slyme, Esquire. Montague Tigg implores them to combine forces against other potential beneficiaries of Chuzzlewit Sr.'s fortune.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Family Council (04:38)

Pecksniff implores his relatives to combine forces against Graham's influence and plead Chuzzlewit Jr.'s rights to an inheritance. Tiggs arrives and explains that Chuzzlewit, Sr. left the Blue Dragon while the family was meeting. Mercy and Charity Pecksniff wonder about the identity of their father's new pupil.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Chuzzlewit Jr. Arrives (04:22)

Mark Tapley decides to look for a new job after working at the Blue Dragon. Pinch meets Martin Chuzzlewit, Jr.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Riding to Pecksniff's Home (07:11)

Pinch reveals he plays the organ at the church for free and saw Graham there. Chuzzlewit, Jr. meets Mercy and Charity. Pecksniff gives his new pupil a tour of the home and the drafting studio.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Business Departure (03:02)

Pecksniff, Mercy, and Charity leave for London that evening. Pecksniff asks Chuzzlewit, Jr. to draft plans for a grammar school in his absence. Pinch asks if the family can deliver a letter to his sister, Ruth.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Stagecoach to London (03:10)

Pecksniff realizes that Anthony and Jonas are passengers on the stagecoach. The family dislikes Pecksniff because he does not confide in any of them and portrays himself as more moral. Jonas flirts with Mercy and Charity.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Arriving in London (03:31)

Pecksniff introduces Charity and Mercy to Mrs. Todgers. The boarding house owner shows the girls to a room.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": (03:24)

Chuzzlewit Sr. disowned his grandson because the boy fell in love with Graham. Pinch consoles Chuzzlewit, Jr.

Credits: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 1 (00:53)

Credits: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 1

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Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 1

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The ailing old Martin Chuzzlewit finds himself surrounded by scheming relatives, all trying to get their hands on his wealth. They have learned that his ward and grandson, young Martin Chuzzlewit, has been disinherited. Pecksniff, a cousin, pleads the cause of young Martin to his grandfather while secretly taking on the boy as an architectural student—premium waived, with hopes of making a match with one of his two daughters. Pecksniff is summoned to London, where the elder Martin warns him that young Martin has already made his matrimonial choice against the old man’s wishes: the boy has secretly courted Mary Graham, a young orphan old Martin has adopted as his companion. Pecksniff readily agrees to dismiss the boy from his Wiltshire home and, instead, receive old Martin and Mary as his guests.

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