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"Judgement": Introduction (05:19)


Justin accidentally put arsenic in the jam Monsieur Homais was cooking. Emma Bovary consoles her husband after his father dies.

"Judgement": Owing Money (03:41)

Emma visits Monsieur Lheureux's shop and learns of the loan to her husband. She convinces Charles Bovary that she must travel to Rouen to meet with Leon Dupuis about Bovary signing a power of attorney.

"Judgement": Another Affair Begins (03:27)

Dupuis reviews the power of attorney documents in bed. Emma decides she needs to come up with an excuse to come to Rouen at least once a week.

"Judgement": Emma Plays Piano Again (04:18)

Father Bournisien complains about Emma's piano playing. Charles agrees to allow Emma to travel to Rouen for lessons. Monsieur Lheureux insists that the Bovary pay his debt soon.

"Judgement": Emma's Debt Mounts (04:22)

Bovary's mother tells Emma that she has convinced her son to revoke the power of attorney. Emma relates how after she tore up the document, Charles begged her to reinstate it to Dupuis.

"Judgement": The Will Is Worthless (05:30)

Lheureux sells Bovary's debt to Monsieur Vansar who runs a finance house in Rouen. Emma learns that she must pay the bill or her house and goods will be seized. She asks Dupuis to sell off some wedding gifts and Justin to collect medical debts.

"Judgement": In Need of Money (04:50)

Even though Emma paid off some of her debt, a debt collector comes to the house and demands 3,000 francs in 24 hours or they will seize her house and property. Emma begs Dupuis for money and suggests he steals it; Dupuis thinks a friend might loan him the money and leaves to locate him.

"Judgement": Seeking Help (07:56)

Maitre Guillamin agrees to give Emma money if she stays with him. Emma asks Rudolphe Boulanger for the money, but he does not have the income.

"Judgement": Committing Suicide (10:55)

Emma swallows arsenic in despair and dies an agonizing death. Charles begs her to tell her what she ingested. Homais wonders what the point of praying is.

Credits: Judgment (01:56)

Credits: Judgment

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 On this episode of Madame Bovary, Leon Dupuis and Emma Bovary begin an affair. The Bovarys fall into financial ruin and Emma commits suicide by swallowing arsenic. Tom Conti and Francesca Annis star in this adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's debut novel.

Length: 54 minutes

Item#: BVL141199

ISBN: 978-1-64198-146-0

Copyright date: ©1975

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