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Human Evolution (03:03)


For many years, scientists believed modern humans evolved from Neanderthals, but recent evidence undermines this idea. Scientists are beginning to believe there was more than one type of human.

Bird People of Europe (05:38)

Clues indicate that Neanderthals were smarter than previously thought. Clive Finlayson and his team uncovered evidence of ornamentation and art created by a tribe of Neanderthals.

Neanderthals and Modern Humans (04:39)

Modern humans moved across the world as climate the changed. They competed for resources with local Neanderthals. Chris Stringer believes the groups shared culture and ideas.

Human Types (07:17)

Scientists initially believed there were two types of humans, Neanderthals and Homosapians. They recently uncovered evidence of a third type, the Denisovans.

Trekking East (04:10)

Dr. Torres studies a set of teeth found in South East Asia that could help determine how far and early modern humans traveled.

"Hobbits" (04:12)

In 2003, a group from Australia found Homo floresiensis in a cave on Flores Island. Adults reached a height of three feet. Laura Shackelford and Fabrice Demeter discuss the fossil discovery.

Extinction Puzzle (05:11)

Finlayson suggests that the matter of extinction was based on luck. The areas where types of humans, other than modern humans, lived were frequently hit with horrid weather conditions.

Interbreeding? (08:15)

Janet Kelso and her team found DNA evidence that suggests modern humans and Neanderthals share genes. See a comparison of the region of chromosome four.

Unknown Human Tribe? (02:48)

The genomes of certain people in Africa contain remnants of a fifth population. Geneticist Joshua Akey discovered sections of DNA that are not found in other modern humans.

"Genetic Mongrels" (03:15)

More branches of the human family tree are coming to light; see an illustration. DNA studies make it hard to distinguish who we came from.

Credits: Lost Tribes of Humanity (00:42)

Credits: Lost Tribes of Humanity

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We humans consider ourselves unique. In terms of evolution, our ancestors and cousins have all died out. But groundbreaking discoveries made in the last few years have transformed our beliefs about our past. We now know there were at least four distinct species of human alive on the planet at the same time—and possibly more. Who were these "lost tribes" of humanity? What happened when we met them? And where did they all go? The answers strike deep at the core of who we think we are.

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