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"Little Women": Day Before the Wedding (03:03)


Meg March receives a gift from Aunt March for her upcoming wedding to John Brooke. Laurie arrives with a gift and talks to Beth about her music. Mr. March greets the family.

"Little Women": Laurie Kisses Jo (03:10)

Jo insists Laurie behave at the wedding. Marmee insists Meg go to sleep. Mr. March worries that he does not know his children.

"Little Women": Wedding Celebration (05:13)

Mr. Laurence hires Brooke at his business firm. Meg gives Amy her bouquet. The family celebrates the nuptials.

"Little Women": Happy Family (04:12)

Jo receives $100 as an advance for a book. Mr. March tells her to write about her everyday life. Meg becomes angry when Jo and Laurie try to help her make dinner for Brooke.

"Little Women": Family Picnic (03:36)

Amy insists she will not marry unless her husband allows her to continue to paint. Meg tries to make jelly as good as good as Brooke's mother; the couple argues.

"Little Women": Nothing Seems Right (03:38)

Jo decides to write a book about her family and Laurie. Amy and Laurie quarrel. Meg refuses Brooke entrance to their bedchamber.

Credits: Little Women (00:50)

Credits: Little Women

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Little Women: Episode 5

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This dramatization of Louisa May Alcott's novel is about the lives of the four March sisters. With their father fighting in the American Civil War, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth are at home with Aunt March and their mother, a very outspoken woman for her time. The story reveals how the sisters learn to navigate love, loss, and the trials of growing up. In episode five, the March family celebrates Meg and John's wedding and Jo receives an advance on her novel.

Length: 25 minutes

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