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"Little Women": Confrontations at Breakfast (01:49)


The March girls eat breakfast. Amy and Beth watched from the window while John Brooke carried Meg up the walkway last night. Marmee reminds Jo to apologize to Aunt March for being late.

"Little Women": Aunt March's (02:29)

Jo reads aloud to Aunt March until she falls asleep. The dowager confiscates Jo's other book upon waking.

"Little Women": Making Friends (05:20)

Jo promises to buy Beth a piano when she sells her first novel. She visits Theodore Laurence, their neighbor. When he leaves to see the doctor, Jo meets Mr. Laurence.

"Little Women": Mr. Laurence's Visit (01:35)

Mr. Laurence explains to Marmee that he approves of Jo's ability to speak her mind and offers his piano to Beth.

"Little Women": Theater Preparations (05:41)

Beth worries that Mr. Laurence will rescind his offer of the piano. Meg bribes Amy not follow her, Jo, Brooke, and Laurie. Mr. Laurence listens outside the door as Beth plays; Amy steals a notebook.

"Little Women": After the Performance (03:48)

Meg recounts to Amy, Beth, and Hannah the plot of the play. Amy burned Jo's notebook with all her stories. Marmee consoles Jo.

"Little Women": Going Boating (03:03)

Mr. Laurence waits for Beth to come and play the piano. Marmee convinces Jo to allow Amy to accompany her and Laurie. Amy falls into the water and begins to drown.

Credits: Little Women: Episode 2 (00:50)

Credits: Little Women: Episode 2

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Little Women: Episode 2

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This dramatization of Louisa May Alcott's novel is about the lives of the four March sisters. With their father fighting in the American Civil War, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth are at home with Aunt March and their mother, a very outspoken woman for her time. The story reveals how the sisters learn to navigate love, loss, and the trials of growing up. In episode two, Mr. Laurence offers his piano to Beth. Amy becomes jealous of Jo's time with Laurie and nearly drowns when she tries to accompany them on an outing.

Length: 26 minutes

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