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"Little Women": Rehearsal (03:19)


Jo March directs Amy March, who portrays Rodrigo; Amy and Meg decide to stop rehearsing. Beth attempts to console Jo. Laurie's grandfather refuses to allow him to leave

"Little Women": Letter from Father (04:04)

Hannah arrives home and the Marches gather around to hear Marmee read her husband's letter. Theodore Laurence plays the piano. Mr. Laurence rebukes him for playing the piano during his hours of study. The pair argues about Laurie's future.

"Little Women": Christmas (05:31)

Hannah brings in the Christmas breakfast. Marmee suggests that the family gives a poor immigrant family their breakfast. President Lincoln made a Christmas speech to the soldiers. Meg shares her excitement of New Year's Ball

"Little Women": Before the Ball (03:53)

John Brooke explains that Mr. Laurence blames him for Laurie's lack of progress; Laurie does not want to attend college. Meg rebukes Jo for her unladylike demeanor. After Jo burns Meg's hair, Amy fixes it. Meg wears shoes that are too small for her.

"Little Women": At the Ball (07:15)

Brooke introduces himself and asks Meg to dance. Laurie and Jo meet. Meg twists her ankle and Brooke and Laurie insist on driving her home. Jo insists if Meg did not wear the wrong size shoe, the drama could have been avoiding.

Credits: Little Women: Episode 1 (00:50)

Credits: Little Women: Episode 1

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Little Women: Episode 1

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This dramatization of Louisa May Alcott's novel is about the lives of the four March sisters. With their father fighting in the American Civil War, Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth are at home with Aunt March and their mother, a very outspoken woman for her time. The story reveals how the sisters learn to navigate love, loss, and the trials of growing up. In episode one, the women prepare for Christmas and look forward to attending a ball.

Length: 26 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1970

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