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Traveling to Skikoku (04:25)


Joanna Lumley will visit the island of Shikoku and Kyushu to learn more about its people and culture. The British actress traverses the longest and highest suspension bridge in the world. Buddhist practitioners perform a pilgrimage in honor of Kobo Daishi.

Pilgrimage (04:18)

Lumley realizes that some of the temples have themes. Pregnant women come to pray to specific temples to pray for their babies. The British actress loses her stave which represents Kobo Daishi.

Last Temple (03:06)

Lumley visits the Yakouji Temple that considers women the age of 33 particularly unlucky. The chief monk builds a fire that is supposed to cleanse. Fujukoyuko explains that the monks celebrate re-birth at the age of 61.

Traveling to Kyushu (03:27)

Lumley returns to Honshu to take the bullet train and stays at the Henn-na Hotel controlled by robots. A robotic porter escorts the British actress to her room; Churi, the in-room robot cannot understand her requests and keeps singing.

Nagasaki (03:51)

Nagasaki was the only port that the Japanese allowed foreign trading for centuries. Lumley helps lead a Chinese Crew ship on the Tomozuru Tug Boat.

Nagasaki and World War II (04:53)

At the Shiroyama Elementary school, children bow daily upon entering the school to the "Young Boy Peace Statue." Matsuyoshi Ikeda curates a museum memorializing the deaths after the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki; he survived because his parents built an air raid shelter.

Bullet Train to Kagoshima (07:07)

Japan sits atop four tectonic plates and Kyushu is known as the island of fire. The British actress takes a ferry to Sakurajima, an active volcano; Toshikiyo Murayama farms radishes nearby. Professor Keigo Yamamoto takes a plane flight to monitor volcanic activity; Sakurjima erupts every week.

Traveling to Ryukyu Islands (05:10)

Lumley travels to Okinawa and participates in a Karate lesson. Masahide Ota was drafted into the army and required to fight against the Americans. During the battle, he deserted and hid in caves along the shoreline.

Japanese Naval Headquarters (03:22)

Lumley visits the building where Japan forces gathered. Towards the end of the battle, the soldiers committed suicide in the tunnels.

Kohama Grandmother Choir (05:42)

Lumley visits KBG84 and participates in one of their music videos; the average member age is 84. The group topped the Japanese charts with "Come on and Dance, Kohama." Tomi-san, age 92, explains that she does not sit still.

Credits: Joanna Lumley's Japan: Episode 3 (00:43)

Credits: Joanna Lumley's Japan: Episode 3

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The actress heads to the island of Shikoku hoping to gain a better understanding of Japanese Buddhism. She then takes a bullet train to another island - Kyushu - where she finds the Henn Na Hotel, the world's first robot hotel. At Nagasaki, she visits Shiroyama Elementary school, one of the only buildings to survive the atomic bomb dropped on the city in 1945. Joanna then travels to Sakurajima, one of the country's most active volcanoes, before heading to the islands of Okinawa where one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War was fought.

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