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Modern Tokyo (03:28)


Joanna Lumley experienced the natural beauty of Hokkaido and will now witness the modern wonders of Honshu. The British actress takes a helicopter ride around Tokyo. Over 39 million people live in the capital city.

Entertainment District (02:32)

One third of Japan's population lives in Tokyo. In Asakusa, Lumley visits Kappabashi Street and a store that supplies Tokyo with plastic food to put in the windows of restaurants.

Educating the Individual (03:37)

Lumley spends lunchtime at the Fuji kindergarten. The children sing a song before eating where they thank the teacher. Sakishi Kato describes the merits of his progressive school.

Striving for Individuality (06:44)

Traditionally individuality was deterred in Japanese culture. Lumley visits Minori, a shironuri fashionista, during a photo shoot. In the evening, the British actress attends a Kamen Joshi performance.

Last Night in Tokyo (03:41)

Lumley stops at Keizaburo Matsuzaki's shop to watch how artists create woodblock prints. Hokusai created depictions of Mount Fuji.

Visiting Mount Fuji (03:55)

The weather does not cooperate and the mountain is obscured by clouds. Lumley compares it to the print from Matsuzaki's shop. In Tsumago, she meets Yoshinori Fujiwara who possesses a detailed map of Nakasendo Way.

Walking to Magume (06:36)

Lumley walks five miles on Nakasendo Way. Along the way she encounters bells to warn of bears, the Kirishima-Jingu Shrine, the male waterfall, and a tea house. Princess Kazunomiya needed a 25,000 person entourage to escort her from Kyoto to Tokyo.

Arriving in Kyoto (05:42)

Kyoto implemented a foreigner-friendly taxi service to encourage tourism. Kanu drives Lumley to the Philosopher's walk where she can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Visiting the Gion District (06:45)

Japan's capital for a thousand years, Kyoto contains thousands of Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, and gardens. Lumley describes how individuals must be invited to eat at the restaurants or drink at the bars. Tomit Suyu, a trainee geisha, agreed to meet and discusses her lifestyle with the British actress.

Shocked and Entranced (02:49)

Suyu trained for six months in how to walk in the geisha's footwear. Geisha-san training is paid for by the house and the apprentices are not allowed to tell anyone their real names. Lumley's journey through Southern Japan continues in the next episode.

Credits: Joanna Lumley's Japan: Episode 2 (00:43)

Credits: Joanna Lumley's Japan: Episode 2

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The actress flies over Tokyo in a helicopter. The city was bombed extensively during the Second World War, so almost all of it is a symbol of the post-war economic boom that saw Japan become the world's second largest economy. While in the capital, Joanna heads out to a nightclub to see a Japanese girl band and witnesses the largely male audience perform almost as much as the artists on stage. Later, Joanna travels to the Kiso Valley to walk the Nakasendo Way, an ancient route that once linked Tokyo to Kyoto, a place best known for that most famous of Japanese traditions, the Geisha.

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