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Florence: Invisible City (07:23)


Dr. Michael Scott is excited to explore the history, wealth, and creativity of Florence. The money and power of the Medici family made the wonders of the city possible; they were patrons to some of the world's greatest artists. Scott visits the cathedral dome built by Filippo Brunelleschi; it was completed in 1436.

Leaning Tower of Pisa (04:16)

As a rival of Florence, Pisa set out to make a monument to display their power. The tower, like the cathedral in Florence, did not go as planned.

Santa Maria del Fiore (05:04)

The 3D scans of the cathedral provide insight on how the massive dome was engineered. The dome has an inner and outer shell. Ross King explains the brickwork.

Medici Family (05:14)

Scott explores the family home built by Michelozzo. The Medicis were known for lavish secrets; they had to protect themselves from rivals in creative ways.

Florentine Subculture (05:38)

David Rosenthal explains the rivalry within Florentine society; taverns became hubs for "the powers of Florence." Secret brigades were connected to a competitive spirit that encouraged creativity.

Michelangelo (08:04)

Michelangelo was an honorary member of the Medici family. He was commissioned to build a small chapel he would later hide in after betraying the family.

Secret Rooms (04:08)

After the Medici regained power, Michelangelo struck a deal, trading his artistry for freedom. The family quickly reverted to old ways and included several secret rooms and passages within their new seat of power.

Connected City (07:30)

Dr. Scott walks a secret route taking him from the city center to the Medici’s home outside the city. The Medicis held power until their line ended. They left their artwork to the city.

Credits: Florence (00:34)

Credits: Florence

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With the help of 3-D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr. Michael Scott explore the romantic city of Florence. They reveal how its wonderful facades and artworks mask a hidden story of intrigue and secrecy and how one powerful family—the Medicis, known as the Godfathers of the Renaissance—was behind it all. They uncover the secrets of one of the most spellbinding achievements of architecture: the dome of Florence's cathedral. And they build a 3D model to reveal just how much of the city masks secret corridors of power that were the foundation of the city's Renaissance glory.

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