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Venice: Dream World (03:11)


Dr. Michael Scott sets out to explore the empire that is inches above sea level. He discovers the invisible brilliance and ingenuity of the city.

Piazza San Marco (03:47)

The Basilica de San Marco is the heart of Venice; it is decorated with pieces taken from other parts of the world. In the 9th century, Venetians stole the body of St. Mark from Alexandria. Scott and his team begin a 3D mapping expedition.

Waterborne Alternatives (06:22)

Most of the early Venetians' ingenuity can be found under water—supports for the floating city. In Venice, every aspect of modern life must be modified.

Waterway Scanning (02:45)

The team must modify 3D mapping so that it is stable in an aquatic environment. The entrepreneurial spirit of Venice goes back hundreds of years; banking was born in the marketplace.

Jewish Life in Venice (06:36)

In the 16th century, Jewish people were treated with cruelty throughout Europe; they found restricted solace in Venice. The situation pushed the Jewish people to create innovations.

Ancient Politics (04:40)

The Doge's palace was built during the golden age of Venice. The monolithic structure represents the complex political system of the time.

Festa dell’ Ascenza (06:43)

The Arsenale is a representation of Venice’s once enormous naval power. Each year, the Venetian people celebrate their marriage to the sea.

Sin City of Europe (07:57)

After a rise in trade around Europe, Venice tapped into the tourism market to recover its economy; this caused an increase in crime. Scott visits the secret prison inside the Doge’s palace.

VR Venice (04:55)

The team compiled 400 scans to create a virtual model. Scott explores the Doge's palace and St. Mark's Square. He reflects on the decline of Venice's power and the survival of Venetian ingenuity.

Credits: Venice (00:35)

Credits: Venice

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With the help of the latest 3-D scanning technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr. Michael Scott explore the watery wonderland of Venice. They uncover how a city built in a swamp became one of the most powerful in Medieval Europe. They dive into its canals to experience how the city, constructed on mud, remains standing to this day. They then uncover how it became such a military and trading powerhouse and how its beauty once masked a ruthless secret state and a world of excess and vice—home to one of the greatest lovers and polymaths of all time, Casanova.

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