Segments in this Video

"RIght Now" (02:39)


Kevin describes the need to stop the Earth from degrading. Karen O sings a song that Hector Pereira wrote about saving the earth while video of the People's Climate Change March plays. Mark Ruffalo explains how kids can become involved in conservation.

The Future Matters (02:50)

Holley sings, gives speeches, and performs about the dangers of Fracking. Coal Seam Gas Mining extracts oil from the earth using harmful chemicals and water. 98.6 % of the population of Lennox Head rejected CSG in their community.

"C.S.G. No Way" (00:59)

Holley performs a rap about how her community rejected C.S.G..

The People's Climate Change March (02:46)

Children discuss why they participate in the March. Van Jones and Xiuhtezcatl explain why getting involved in environmentalism is important.

Water (02:32)

Audra McDonald reads about water conservation and ecology. Ta'Kaiya, Adonis, and Peri explain how pollution affects water.

The Story of The Hudson River (05:05)

Eli Schloss explains which harmful pollutants are present. Making changes in consumer choices will help create a healthier ecosystem. Pete Seeger sailed his sloop to Washington to fight for a cleanup effort; watch him sing "Quite Early Morning."

Did You Know?: Part One (01:50)

The Average US car releases five tons of carbon dioxide each year. Max and Hippocrates discuss their families' carbon footprints and conservation efforts.

"My Bike" (01:30)

Y. N. Rich Kids perform a rap about how they prefer bike riding.

Did You Know?: Part Two (04:17)

Food travels on average a thousand miles before reaching a plate. Sofia grows her own food in a garden to reduce pollution. City Growers plants rooftop farms and emphasizes the importance of eating local ingredients to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

"Back to the Earth" (02:42)

Children across the nation discuss the importance of purchasing local ingredients and growing vegetables. Jason Mraz performs his song.

Credits: Saving My Tomorrow: Part 6— Kids Love the Earth (01:18)

Credits: Saving My Tomorrow: Part 6— Kids Love the Earth

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Saving My Tomorrow: Part 6—Kids Love The Earth

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The final installment in the acclaimed series includes stories about the importance of youth activism and the difference kids can make. Featuring young people dedicated to making the earth a cleaner place, the show explores issues ranging from fracking and water pollution to the benefits of local food and reducing our carbon footprints. Also featured are readings and performances by Audra McDonald, Jason Mraz, Karen O, They Might Be Giants and the late Pete Seeger.

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