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World's Most Powerful Brand (03:15)


From LEGO headquarters in Denmark, LEGO manages a giant toy empire that kicks into high gear around Christmas time. Mike and Catherine are a husband and wife that work together to create LEGO masterpieces for the holidays.

Lego Factory (04:12)

LEGO factories produce approximately 60 Billion bricks per year. Roar RudeTrangbæk speak about the Christmas time push. Duncan Titmarsh manages a team of expert LEGO builders who craft displays for corporate clients.

Marketing Lego (03:46)

Rebecca Snell talks about making sure the LEGO remains atop the list of the most desirable toys for the Christmas shopping season. The LEGO helpline helps LEGO builders around the globe in 14 different languages.

Designing Legos (03:49)

Matthew Ashton speaks about leading LEGO designers in developing new toys. Jens Kronvold Frederiksen and Jordan Scott talk about turning movie prop designs into believable LEGO designs. Trangbæk talks about designing for the future product lines.

Mechabrick (04:38)

Ben Jarvis talks about designing a board game that incorporates LEGO bricks and parts. Jarvis has sold his family business to bankroll the production and prototyping of his game design. Mike and Catherine have made a great deal of progress on their Christmas build.

Lego Christmas Train (02:52)

The professional builders at Bright Bricks struggle with the design and lighting of their giant LEGO Christmas tree. Titmarsh explains that sometimes compromises must be made with large builds.

Marketing Toys for Christmas (02:28)

Snell gets the news that LEGO has garnered two sets of toys in the top 12 toys for Christmas. Snell performs her marketing duties with press members at a toy expo.

LEGO Christmas Cake (04:34)

See the finished Christmas Cake that Mike and Catherine built. Mike guesses that he and Catherine have spent tens of thousands of dollars on LEGO bricks over the years. Jarvis speaks about his struggles delivering and supplying thousands of his board games.

Lego HQ (03:36)

The LEGO customer service center in Slough braces for the busiest weekend of the year, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Jarvis had secured a stand at a LEGO toy convention to try and sell his LEGO compatible board game to LEGO lovers.

Black Friday Calls (02:56)

The LEGO call center bustles during the Black Friday rush. Operators field calls and discuss how frenetic the pace is during this busy time.

Lego Steam Train (02:42)

The builders at Bright Bricks put the finishing touches on the Christmas train, including a massive smoke machine in the engine. Titmarsh completes the work and manages the delicate process of transporting and installing the massive LEGO display at Covent Garden.

Toy Retail (02:23)

Jarvis talks about the reaction to his LEGO compatible board game and the things he needs to do to support his budding business. Jarvis delivers copies of his game to a local toy store.

Toy Store Displays (03:13)

Ashton talks about the thrill of seeing his deigns in the toy store window when he travels home to visit his parents for Christmas. Ashton visits a LEGO aisle at the toy store in his hometown and revels in the excitement of Children picking out LEGO toys.

Celebration at Lego (01:32)

For the toy makers, and LEGO builders, the Christmas rush is over and joyously successful. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp , CEO of LEGO, celebrates Christmas by opening his office to employees and being the last to leave on the day before Christmas.

Inside Lego At Christmas: Credits (00:32)

Inside Lego At Christmas: Credits

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The notoriously secretive, family-owned super brand opens its doors. We go behind the scenes at the LEGO factory to see how staff gear up for the holiday season, create new lines for Christmas and manage the multi-language customer call center at the busiest time of year. We follow the construction of a spectacular Lego train in central London and meet the Addis family, who has built a huge LEGO sculpture in their Cambridgeshire living room every December for the last twenty years.

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