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Gait and Balance—Introduction (18:47)


Shelly Denes is a physical therapist who works at the Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. She introduces the focus on gait and balance in the seminar presentation. Posture is a crucial component of proper gait and balance.

Phases of Gait (18:54)

Phases include: contact phase, mid-phase, propulsion phase, stance phase, and swing phase. See multiple videos showing gait cycles. Denes talks about the causes of irregular gait and imbalance issues.

Pronation and Supination (15:16)

Denes explains the specific functions of the hip, leg and foot muscles in a healthy gait. She highlights specific mechanical moments in the individual phases of the gait, swing phase, and stance phase.

Running Gait & Analysis (19:46)

Denes discusses the ways in which a running gait differs from a typical walking gait. See a video of a gait assessment. Denes leads the group in a gait analysis of some of the audience members.

Gait Analysis Continued (14:30)

Denes and audience members discuss the need for rotation. She leads the group in more analysis including asymmetrical gait, swayback, and a runner's gait. The audience participates in the diagnosis of gait examples.

Gait Disorders (20:56)

Loss of balance often accompanies abnormal gait. Denes discusses those at risk, slowness of gait, abnormalities as a predictor, and causes. See a video about diagnosing common types of abnormal gait.

Abnormal Gaits: Runner (22:30)

See brief videos illustrating typical abnormal gait styles including: gluteus maximus gait, hip hiking, general recurvatum, hip flexion contractors and antalgic gait. Denes and the audience discuss cane usage and Lofstran crutches as mobility aids. Denes talks about hysterical conversion psychogenic gait, malingering, and leg length discrepancy.

Neurological Gait Patterns (23:41)

Denes briefly talks about common types of neurologically induced abnormal gaits and presents a video about Parkinson's disease gait. Learn about the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment for aiding Parkinson's patients.

Gait Ataxia (23:05)

Denes talks about the U-Step walker and the ways in which insurance can provide coverage. Watch a video about the characteristics of gait ataxia. Denes shares a video of the Balance-Based Torso-Weighting therapy system.

Silly Walks and Gait Speed (12:34)

Denes talks about Chorea gait, sensory ataxia, and Trendelenburg gait. See a video of the Monty Python sketch "Ministry of Silly Walks." Denes and audience members discuss the average gait speed of geriatric patients.

Falls, Injuries, and Rehabilitation (20:53)

Denes discusses tests that are useful for therapists in diagnosing fall prone patients. See a video about the Functional Gait Assessment test. Learn about the kinds of gait that are a result of surgeries, diseases, and injuries.

Knee Surgery and Rehabilitation (19:14)

Denes talks about knee surgery and its effect on gait and balance; the audience discusses different knee therapies and surgery outcomes. Denes reviews orthotics, long leg braces, and stance control devices.

Orthotics and Example Treatments (08:42)

See specific examples of patients using orthotics for gait stabilization and balance control. See video footage of patients utilizing orthotics in a therapeutic environment.

Gait Training (20:52)

Denes talks about gait training on elliptical machines, barefoot rehab, and using the Bioness neuroprosthetic device. See a video of patients using the Bioness therapy device and two promotional videos. Walking sticks, canes, crutches, and Rifton Pacers are also gait training aides.

Functional Electric Stimulation (19:32)

Functional Electric Stimulation offers multiple ways to help patients with neuromuscular problems reactivate muscle groups and improve gait. Denes talks about therapy aids like the rollator, second step, custom walkers, and more. See a brief overview of Neural Development Treatment.

Guess the Gait (19:26)

Denes talks about targeted Botox injections to treat muscle tone problems and lack of mobility. Audience members play "Guess the Gait" as Denes displays videos of many gait deviations.

Exoskeleton (26:35)

See a video about EKSO Bionics exoskeleton devices to augment human movement and assist injured patients in walking. Denes plays a promotional video for the Parker Indigo Modular assistive device, and the Endego modular unit.

Gait and Balance Summary (04:42)

Denes summarizes the key concepts of the presentation and reviews the seven question test with audience members.

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