Segments in this Video

Metabolic Panels (23:12)


Lecturer Cyndi Zarbano introduces herself and the content of the lecture. Lean about the types of metabolic panels, hemoglobin, and hematocrit.

Anemia (25:39)

Learn about testing the CBC and diagnosing and treating a GI bleed.

Hemoglobin and Hematocrit (15:12)

Learn about variation in hemoglobin and hematocrit levels and the treatments for these changes, which vary depending on the patient.

Differentials (19:03)

Learn about the ANC, patient differentials, and clues that can be seen in a patient's blood. Labs can be misread; Zarbano provides the example of inflammation vs. infection.

Basic Metabolic Panel (26:37)

Zarbano discusses the basic metabolic panel and its uses, including testing kidney functions. Learn about renal failure and the possibility of hurting the kidneys with medications.

Renal Failure (21:16)

Zarbano discusses renal failure, the steps of kidney failure and treatments for each step, and when to put a patient on dialysis.

Life-Threatening Electrolytes (25:05)

Learn about life-threatening electrolytes, such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium, and the treatments for each of them.

Liver (31:18)

Learn about the functions of the liver and liver dysfunctions including jaundice, ascites, and hepatic encephalopathy.

Heart (29:28)

Learn about the functions of the heart and cardiac issues including a heart attack, blockages, and angina.

Arterial and Venous Blood Gas (20:42)

Learn about using arterial and venous blood gases and the risks of using the tests.

Acidosis and Alkalosis (30:29)

Learn about metabolic acidosis and alkalosis and respiratory acidosis and alkalosis. Understand how to read arterial and venous blood gas charts.

Sepsis (32:47)

Learn about the signs of sepsis and how sepsis can hinder the healing process in a patient.

Encephalitis and Meningitis (13:13)

Zarbano discusses viral and bacterial meningitis and encephalitis and the differences between them. Learn the proper treatment for each disease.

Coagulation Panels (24:38)

Zarbano explains the different types of coagulation tests and when to use each test.

Hyperglycemic States (12:51)

Learn about hyperglycemic states and the difference between DKA and HHS, even though the treatment is similar.

Urine (13:50)

Learn about urine tests and how a urinary tract infection can appear with different symptoms depending on age.

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Teaching healthcare workers to be clinicians and not just technicians, this video seminar examines different types of laboratory tests, discusses how they are administered, and considers their interpretation. It looks at the basic metabolic profile, the comprehensive metabolic panel, CBC with differential, tests for acute renal failure, cardiac labs, coagulation and thrombotic risk panels, urinalysis, blood gas tests, labs for sepsis, lumbar punctures, tests for thyroid dysfunction, and tests for hyperglycemic status.

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