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Young Omani Population (04:05)


Free education is intended qualify people for jobs. to The Lounge was created by university students as a hub of ideas. The founders hope that the Omani youth will now have a place to problem solve and share creative ideas.

Breaking the Box (05:22)

The Omani youth are open to new cultural ideas, but the older generation wishes to preserve their culture and lifestyle. Young Omanis express a desire to choose their own future. People in Bahla are more conservative than those in Muscat.

Government, Economy, and Entrepreneurship (04:04)

Many of the older Omani people appreciate the changes to their society. Life is much easier than it used to be. Young people are eager to contribute to their country.

Venture Capitalism and Entrepreneurial Conference (03:41)

The need for entrepreneurship has been heavily supported by Oman’s current leader. The students of the Lounge believe they must complete the journey their Sultan began. He has no children and there are concerns about succession.

Unsure Future (03:11)

As Qaboos ages, the people of Oman have begun to fear the future under a new, unknown leader. The young Omanis hope to change working culture in order to make their beloved country a better place.

Credits: A Young Nation (00:27)

Credits: A Young Nation

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The Sultanate of Oman was founded in 1970 by Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Until that point, it had been Muscat and Oman, an essentially closed nation ruled by Said bin Taimur, the father of the current sultan. Qaboos overthrew his father in a bloodless coup at 29 years old, taking over in the name of progress and with aspirations of modernizing the country. Qaboos is approaching his eighth decade, has no named heir, and the price of the oil, which has paid to build the nation remains depressed. “A Young Nation” attempts to give an impression as to the character and potential of Oman and Omani youth. The film strives to put a human face on what is at stake in Oman, and in the larger question of stability in the Gulf region, the Middle East, and the world. Their concerns are all of ours. How will we make a living? Will we be happy in marriage? Will we fulfill the hopes of our families or will they be disappointed in us? Will we fulfill our own hopes and dreams? What will become of us under a new leader? What will be our role in our society? In our world? And do we have the power to influence it?

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