Segments in this Video

Music Directors: Main Duties and Responsibilities (00:55)


Joseph Conyers selects the music students will play at concerts based on their ages and abilities. He enjoys introducing classic music to new generations.

Music Directors: Career Beginnings (01:21)

Conyers began playing piano at age five and double bass at age eleven. He compares directing an orchestra to playing an instrument.

Music Directors: Keys for Success (01:35)

Conyers' requires patience and a willingness to grow as a musician.

Music Directors: Education and Certification Requirements (02:16)

Conyers discusses the various paths a musician might take before becoming a conductor, including getting a bachelor's degree in a specific instrument and playing in an orchestra.

Music Directors: Workplace Atmosphere (02:21)

Conyers discusses the challenges of directing different personalities and handling awkward situations. Hours are spent getting to know a musical piece to bring a fresh perspective.

Music Directors: Advice for Aspiring Pros (02:01)

Conyers outlines the detailed knowledge necessary for a musician to become a conductor and be successful at the highest levels.

Music Directors: A Day on the Job (02:15)

At a typical rehearsal, Conyers talks to the concert master about bowings, reviews solos with the wind musicians, becomes familiar with the venue, and answers questions from the musicians.

Music Directors: Industry Goals and Services (00:48)

A great conductor needs to be a great teacher. Before recordings, the classics were passed down from teacher to student.

Music Directors: Industry Challenges (00:58)

Conyers discusses the decline in interest in instrumental music as electronics become more popular.

Music Directors: Looking at the Future (01:35)

Though many orchestras are struggling, Conyers is excited about new opportunities for young people and the use of music for social change.

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What is it like to be a music director? In this Career Q&A video interview, Joseph Conyers talks about his career path, what he does on the job, and the keys to success in music. He also offers candid advice on breaking into the profession as well as insight into the industry’s biggest challenges and how the field may change in the next ten years.

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