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Communicating Hope in an Age of Despair: Introduction (01:55)


Silver Donald Cameron provides background information on his guest Elin Kelsey. Kelsey is interested in the relationship between people and the "other than human world," and enjoys moving between fields.

Broader Viewpoint (03:27)

Kelsey considers the effects of following different fields of science. Science relates to hope; there should never be only one story. Her passion is to make stories of success available and enable healthy discussions about the world.

Consumers of Science (02:42)

Mainstream media and science have an inherent focus on environmental problems. Kelsey discusses the role of science within society and social media; motivation and agency are important.

Feelings and Conservation Psychology (05:57)

Cameron compares despair and hope. Kelsey reflects on responses to feeling overwhelmed; we can learn to look at things from a more optimistic perspective. She discusses her drive to understand psychological matters; people recognize narratives.

Science Communication (04:19)

Stories are a human construct; science is not necessarily objective. The pervasiveness of a particular story throughout many cultures drives Kelsey. She states that it is dangerous to invite people into a world and then label it so that people feel helpless.

What are We Paying Attention To? (06:56)

Cameron recalls experts saying that the BC forest was limitless. Kelsey discusses Don Worcester's work on environmental history, the idea of limitless abundance, and marine protected areas.

Mariana Trench (02:51)

The deepest part of the ocean is a geologically active area. The trench is one of the best areas to observe the beginnings of life.

Radical Changes in Science (02:18)

Cameron reflects on changes since he was an undergraduate. Kelsey considers her changing perspective on the question of hope and the shifting stories throughout time.

Stasis vs. Evolution (07:23)

Kelsey discusses the creation of conservation science; publications are not as frequently cited but are more enduring. Cameron believes there should be a science that addresses what is coming. Kelsey reflects on individuality within species and animal rights.

Scientific Enterprise (03:09)

Cameron considers the reductionist perspective. Kelsey sees many scientists fluidly moving between fields. The duo discusses the interconnectedness of trees and Suzanne Simard.

"You are Stardust" (04:22)

Cameron discusses the blending of imagination and science, and appreciating the beauty of the scientific enterprise. Kelsey originally wrote this book as a nonfiction work containing the science behind the concepts; the book helped her find her voice.

What is Next? (02:14)

Kelsey met several people from the Canadian Ocean Literacy Conference who are interested in growing the conversation around hope. She continues to write and will investigate the "other than human" world.

Storytelling and Teaching (08:57)

Cameron believes Kelsey is fundamentally a storyteller; she reflects on the influence of other stories. Kelsey describes the master's program in environmental education and communications she teaches at Royal Roads University.

Final Thoughts (00:40)

Cameron states that "The Green Interview" is about hope. He references his TEDx talk "What Can One Person Do?" and the Green Rights Project.

Credits: Communicating Hope in an Age of Despair: Elin Kelsey (00:15)

Credits: Communicating Hope in an Age of Despair: Elin Kelsey

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Communicating Hope in an Age of Despair: Elin Kelsey

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This episode of the Green Interview features Elin Kelsey, a science communicator who communicates hope and wonder. She’s an intellectual pinwheel, firing off ideas and reports on everything from the composition of human breath to the life forms in the greatest depths of the sea. She’s particularly fascinated by the life of the oceans. She lives in California and teaches at universities in British Columbia and Australia. She’s a consultant who serves clients all over the world, a huge fan of the intellectual adventure that goes by the name of science, a brilliant teacher and an internationally renowned author, particularly of children’s books. She’s deeply critical of the dominant narrative of environmentalism, that the world is being destroyed by human greed and that the only possible reaction is doom and gloom. Elin Kelsey is interested in ideas that work, people who make a difference and stories that lift our hearts.

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