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Caracas (04:19)


Sixty percent of citizens working in the city are forced to live in small shack-style homes on steep slopes. These areas are known as barrios and are out of reach of most public services with only one way in and out.

Housing Revolution in Caracas (05:39)

Nubia Bautista describes how her family was able to build their barrio and her dream of a secondary school for her daughter. Antillano explains Chavez’s programs that have allowed the community and institutions to self-manage public service and proper housing projects.

Crime in Caracas (05:43)

Elizabeth Torres is so grateful to Hugo Chavez for refashioning the barrios that she takes coffee to his shrine daily. With more public services and activities, Andres Montanez says the youth are changing and avoiding trouble.

Community Building in Caracas (02:44)

Chavez passed new legislation which allowed people to occupy and build on “idle land.” This meant that a huge swathe of land in the city center could be occupied by the working class. People could only build on this land if they were building together to provide housing for a large community.

Future of Housing in Caracas (04:52)

The apartments are made without fixtures so the tenants can customize them, and everyone continues to volunteer for building upkeep. Members of the community share how their lives have changed by being in one of many community management homes in Venezuela.

Credits: What in the World (00:47)

Credits: What in the World

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Caracas is the most urbanized city in the most urbanized country in the most urbanized region of the world. Nine-three percent of the population of the country live in urban areas. The city has a population of 2.1 million and 5.1 million depending on where the boundary is drawn. The boundary keeps shifting outwards and upwards. And the city continues to draw people in not just from within Venezuela and neighboring countries but also from The Caribbean most notably from Haiti. Not just are Latin America's cities stretched way beyond their capacity but they are also the most unequal in the world.

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