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Yo Cambio: I Change (01:40)


El Salvador is trying a human rights based program called Yo Cambio to deal with problems of incarceration. Overcrowding, violence, and general chaos are issues that plague prison populations.

New Approach to Incarceration (05:25)

Yo Cambio refers to prisoners as people deprived of their freedom. Orlando Molina developed the program to engage inmates with skills to teach others. Director of Prisons Rodil Hernández says it "does a lot with little."

Teaching and Learning (02:00)

Learning to read, teaching yoga, and having an exercise program have positive effects on prisoners. Improving prison conditions and easing people back into civilian life are key elements of Yo Cambio.

Women in Prison (05:03)

A new mother and baby facility allows incarcerated women to raise their infants until they are 5-years-old. Hernández says that female prison populations have risen because of gang extortions.

Prison Gangs (04:30)

For some gang members, Yo Cambio has had a positive impact; others will spend their lives in prison. Hernández says a culture of incarceration has bad effects on inmates. Jeanette Aguilar says there are too many people in prison for minor crimes.

Transforming Lives (03:31)

Yo Cambio’s farming and fishing programs teach people new skills. A man describes how the program helped him in find work and a wife. Orlando Molina says that if you do not try different things, nothing will change.

Credits: "What In the World—El Salvador: Yo Cambio" (00:38)

Credits: "What In the World—El Salvador: Yo Cambio"

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El Salvador's prisons are bloody, brutal, and overcrowded. With 700 arrests a day, that level of overcrowding shows no signs of abating. And they have one of the highest homicides rates in the world. But rather than give up on prisons and prisoners, the people who are running the prison service have decided to change tack and reform the system. Their response is Yo Cambio. First change: the language. No longer referred to as inmates or prisoners now the incarcerated are referred to as people deprived of their freedom. This is an exploration of what a human rights-based approach looks like—how they did it and what people deprived of their freedom think of it.

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