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Mechanisms of Action (03:26)


Pharmacodynamics involves receptor, enzyme, and nonselective interactions. Receptor interactions occur at the cell receptor site. Enzyme interactions occur in relation to drug metabolism; drugs can enhance or inhibit enzyme catalytic reactions. In nonselective interactions like chemotherapy, drugs chemically alter cellular structures.

Using Drugs to Treat Disease (03:46)

Biased media sources can misinform patients. Healthcare teams must create patient-specific plans with measurable outcome goals. Learn about drug therapy types including: acute, maintenance, supplemental, palliative, supportive, prophylactic, and empiric.

Monitoring (03:24)

All drugs are potentially toxic and can have cumulative effects. Effective monitoring requires understanding of treatment and expected outcome. Learn about therapeutic range, idiosyncratic effects, coexisting conditions, tolerance, and dependence. Interactions can include drug-drug, food-drug, additive, synergistic, antagonistic, and incompatibility.

Drug Interactions (03:04)

Drug-drug interactions usually occur when two drugs compete for the same metabolizing enzymes. View additive, antagonistic, synergistic, and incompatible interactions expressed mathematically. Learn about food-drug interactions.

Adverse Drug Reactions (06:09)

Learn about pharmacologic, allergic, idiosyncratic, and drug interaction adverse event categories. Healthcare professionals should follow the eight rights of medication administration, take individual reactions into account, and request a pharmacy evaluation when appropriate. Certain genetic groups are prone to idiosyncratic reactions.

Credits: Pharmacodynamics: What a Drug Does to the Body (00:03)

Credits: Pharmacodynamics: What a Drug Does to the Body

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Pharmacodynamics: What a Drug Does to the Body

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Describing three mechanisms of drug action, this video examines seven types of medication regimes. It outlines signs and symptoms related to adverse drug reactions and interactions, defines therapeutic range/index, and differentiates among drug-drug, food-drug, additive, synergistic, antagonistic, and incompatibility interactions.

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