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Pharmacokinetics Terminology (04:04)


Explanations include: onset of action, time to peak effect, action duration, half-life, steady state, onset, duration, and peak and trough. A gentamicin example demonstrates the peak and trough concept.

Absorption (08:22)

Factors affecting enteral medication bioavailability include: the active and inactive metabolite ratio, gastric acid levels, intestinal motility rate, biorhythms, chemical attributes, drug interactions, bowel alterations, and exercise. Parental medications are 100% available. Learn about IM, subcutaneous, topical, transdermal, and inhalant routes.

Distribution (04:06)

Distribution factors include elimination and target organs; monitor for liver and renal toxicity. Drugs may bind to albumin, becoming too big to pass through capillary walls. Learn about conditions with decreased albumin, drug-drug interactions, and water soluble and fat soluble drugs.

Metabolism and Excretion (02:34)

Drugs may be metabolized to inactive metabolites, more soluble compounds, more potent active metabolites, or less active metabolites. Decreased liver function may be a contraindication. Decreased renal function affects elimination and dosing. Pharmacokinetic concepts are important in medication safety and effectivity.

Credits: Pharmacokinetics: What the Body Does to a Drug (00:33)

Credits: Pharmacokinetics: What the Body Does to a Drug

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Pharmacokinetics: What the Body Does to a Drug

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Explaining the concept of drug half life, this video looks at steady-state, peak, trough, and duration. It describes the process of drug absorption, discusses how the first pass effect impacts medication levels, looks at the possible effects of taking multiple medications, and compares such medication delivery methods as enteral, parenteral, topical, and inhalation. The video also considers the impact of chemical protein binding on medication availability and toxicity.

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