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Therapeutic Equivalence and Pharmaceutics (02:31)


Therapeutic equivalence exists when two drug compounds are scientifically shown to have equal effects. Pharmaceutics is the science of preparing and dispensing medicines, including dosage form, effects, and drug metabolism.

Three Phases of Drug Action (05:21)

Learn about the pharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic phases, including the enterohepatic recirculation process. Differentiate between a drug's action and effect. Effects secondary to the therapeutic action may be beneficial or harmful. Actions include stimulation, depression and chemotherapy.

Toxicology, Pharmacognosy, and Absorption of Medications (04:28)

Toxicology studies how drugs may harm the body. Pharmacognosy studies drugs from natural sources; learn about interactions between prescription drugs and herbal supplements. Learn about absorption rates for enteric coated tablets, capsules, powder, suspension, liquid, wafers, time released medications, and IV drugs.

Site of Drug Action and Patient Safety and Compliance (03:50)

Drugs are site-specific but may also have a systemic effect. Learn about oral, topical, and perenteral medications. Healthcare professionals should educate the patient and family about taking medication. Ease of dosage and route also affect compliance.

Credits: Principles of Pharmacology (00:33)

Credits: Principles of Pharmacology

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Principles of Pharmacology

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This video discusses the concept of therapeutic equivalence; explains the differences among pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacognosy; and examines the phases of drug action. It outlines the effects of enterohepatic recirculation, differentiates between drug actions and effects, and describes differences in absorption rates of different types of oral medications. It also considers factors that affect an individual's ability to comply with a medication plan.

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