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Patient Safety Challenges (03:42)


At least 400,000 preventable drug-related injuries occur annually in U.S. hospitals. Hear ways in which patient safety can be compromised while ordering and dispensing medication and learn about the five step patient care process.

Step 1: Assessment (07:11)

View substances to include in a patient medication history. Drug route, frequency, dosage and recent dose should also be present. The medication reconciliation process includes distinguishing between similarly named drugs. Hear precautions for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, adolescents, and the elderly.

Step 2: Diagnosis and Step 3: Planning (02:38)

Effective patient and caregiver teaching and instructions are crucial for addressing knowledge deficits, risks, compliance and physical or mental issues affecting administration. Planning goals and outcome criteria should be measurable, realistic, have a behavioral focus, and be timeframe based.

Step 4: Implementation and Step 5: Evaluation (03:32)

The medication administration process, includes ordering, confirmation, documentation, and the "eight rights" protocol. Nurses should observe the patient following medication administration and note effects and side effects. This process is dynamic and ongoing, and may require follow-up visits.

Credits: Pharmacology and the Healthcare Process (00:35)

Credits: Pharmacology and the Healthcare Process

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Pharmacology and the Healthcare Process

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Discussing common causes of medication errors, this video teaches how to perform a patient medication assessment and reconciliation. It explains how a patient's age affects response to medications, defines the term polypharmacy, lists four criteria for setting patient care goals. The video also shows how to properly document medication administration.

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