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Arrhythmia Overview (02:44)


View a scenario in which medical professionals assess a patient suffering chest pain. Arrhythmias are heart rate abnormalities that become significant when threatening to interfere with cardiac function and output. Hear associated conditions and indications.

Anatomy and Physiology (04:08)

Learn about the heart's electro-physiological properties regulating heart rate and rhythm and consisting of automaticity, excitability, conductivity, and refractoriness. Learn about the polarization-depolarization-repolarization cycle and understand how to read its phases on an ECG.

Conduction System and Reentry (03:58)

Learn about the sinoatrial (SA) node, atrioventricular (AV) node, and Purkinje fiber location and function. Any myocardial cell in the atria, AV node, or ventricles can take over as pacemaker. Electrical impulses can renter the Purkinje system and cause arrhythmias.

Credits: Antiarrhythmic Agents 1 (00:12)

Credits: Antiarrhythmic Agents 1

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Antiarrhythmic Agents 1

Part of the Series : Cardiac Medications and Nursing
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Looking at the electrophysiologial properties of the heart, this video describes the polarization-depolarization-repolarization cycle of a cardiac cell. It compares and contrasts the pacemaker functions of the SA node, the AV node, and the Purkinje fibers and considers the phenomenon of reentry.

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