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Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs (06:11)


Cardiac rehabilitation candidates include heart attack survivors, stable angina patients, and angina pectoris patients treated with vascularization. Programs include teaching, exercise, monitoring, and lifestyle issue instruction to reduce plaque recurrence. Hear a list of program goals and view a sample teaching session.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Phase One (03:06)

The healthcare team assists the acute care patient to begin the process of achieving optimal health, accomplished through an organized education and activity program. View an objective list and goals for successful patients. Rehabilitation begins pre-operatively with the patient's history and physical assessment.

Post-Op Days One-Four (02:59)

The rehabilitation nurse helps the patient ambulate around the ward and develops an individualized activity plan. Exercise increases gradually and the dietitian teaches meal planning and drug-food interactions. The rehabilitation nurse discusses the home situation before discharge.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Phase Two (04:10)

Patients enter the program on a physician's order and work with a nurse to formulate an exercise regimen. Low level activities gradually improve exercise performance. View an objective list, goals for successful patients, and a sample session.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Phases Three and Four (03:24)

Phase three is similar to phase two but takes place in a group setting. View an objective list and goals for successful patients. Phase four consists of a "lifetime" exercise program intended to maintain conditioning levels. The patient may experience challenges during rehabilitation.

Credits: Rehabilitation and Lifestyle Management (00:19)

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Rehabilitation and Lifestyle Management

Part of the Series : Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Nursing Perspective
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Examining the four phases of cardiac rehabilitation, this video examines the goals of cardiac rehabilitation and its components. It also explains how to develop a patient teaching plan.

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