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Medication Errors: the Eight Rights (01:56)


Safe medication practices in this video can reduce or eliminate medication errors. These include the right patient, medication, dose, route, time, reason, response, and documentation.

Medication Orders (02:19)

A physician writes a medication order in the patient's chart or calls it in for transcription onto the MAR; view lists of data to include. Called in orders should be verified for spelling. Certain abbreviations are unacceptable due to error.

Right Patient (01:45)

Hospital patients wear ID bands for crosschecking when transcribing orders to the MAR and administering medication. Use two patient identifiers prior to administration; options include verbal verification, comparing ID band data to the MAR, and dispensing machine receipts.

Right Medication (01:48)

Nurses should read the MAR three times. Firstly, read the MAR; secondly, remove medication from its container, crosscheck it with the MAR, and check expiration date; lastly, crosscheck the MAR after administration before discarding the container.

Right Dose (01:46)

Dosages are checked during the original order transcription and during the multiple MAR checks. When dose calculation is necessary, pay special attention to units and decimal points. Check with the pharmacist or physician if the order seems wrong.

Right Route (03:55)

Contact the prescribing physician if the administration route is unspecified. Common routes include oral or "PO," topical, suppository, and inhaled. Parenteral administrations include intramuscular, subcutaneous, or intradermal injection; intravenous push; or intravenous piggyback. If combining syringe medications, check the compatibility chart.

Right Time (02:54)

Medications must be taken at the appropriate time to be effective. Orders include STAT, ASAP or NOW, and routine. Routine times are daily, twice daily (BID), three times daily, and four times daily (QID). Acute treatment takes priority over routine treatment.

Right Reason (01:13)

Nurses must use critical thinking skills if administering a medication that could adversely affect the patient based on vital signs or lab values. If the order seems wrong, check with your supervisor, the ordering physician, or the facility pharmacist.

Right Response (00:53)

Nurses should monitor whether medications had the desired effect. Time must elapse for PO pain medications to take effect. If the patient can verbalize the medication's effect, document monitoring and interventions.

Right Documentation (03:46)

Wait until administering the medication to record the time of administration and sign your name in the MAR. If refused or held, circle the time you attempted administration and record why it was not given. For PRN medications, include the problem, intervention, and evaluation. View a sample PRN pain medication documentation and learn about the sedation scale.

Eight Rights of Correct Medication Administration: Conclusion (00:53)

Medication errors can be avoided by knowing the basic medication classes, staying up to date on new medications, having a reputable reference resource, observing the Eight Rights, avoiding interruptions when preparing medications, using common sense, consulting colleagues, and checking lab results.

Credits: The Eight Rights (00:22)

Credits: The Eight Rights

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This video lists the components of a medication order and explains how to take a medication order by telephone. It shows how to transcribe orders from the patient's Medication Administration Record, describes the eight rights of medication administration, and outlines the Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals related to medication administration. The video also highlights situations in which medication errors may occur and presents strategies for preventing them.

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