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Randomized Questioning Techniques (06:05)


Dylan Wiliam conducts an experiment with a secondary school to increase engagement in a mixed ability classroom. A randomization device teachers are using has upset some of their top students.

No Grades (06:56)

Wiliam believes students and schools are obsessed with grades rather than academic achievement and understanding;. To combat this, students will receive comments, not grades. The typically high achieving students do not adjust well to no grades.

Parental Involvement (05:26)

The parents attend one of the teacher's full lessons. Many parents are positively surprised by the level of engagement and interest in modern classrooms.

Positive Reinforcement (09:50)

To re-engage high achieving students, Wiliam wants all teachers to utilize mini whiteboards. A new technique, secret student, makes students more responsible through peer pressure and positive reinforcement.

Hooked on Grades (05:12)

Students become accustomed to the comments, not grades technique. Teachers and students do not want to finish out the term without revealing levels and grades.

Classroom Control (05:47)

The secret student classroom management method helped teachers control students through positive reinforcement. A typically troublesome student earns the class one point toward a field trip.

Classroom Innovation (08:49)

High achieving pupils begin acting out and typically disruptive students are more well behaved. Wiliam hopes to get every student engaged in the lesson. He asks teachers to integrate mini whiteboards.

Student Engagement (03:08)

Students and teachers react positively to the reintroduction of miniature whiteboards. Many students with good grades feel they learned that making mistakes can be positive.

Future of the Classroom (05:42)

The secret student technique is successful and the class earned enough points to go on a field trip. The cup system, whiteboards, and student observation helped the class earn higher grades in math and English. William hopes all schools in Britain will implement these new techniques.

Credits: The Classroom Experiment (00:45)

Credits: The Classroom Experiment

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Some of the higher ability students are not responding well to the new rule of No Hands Up in class, and Wiliam is worried they are at risk of being left behind. There is a classroom revolt when the teachers remove grades from work. The idea is to make the students actually read the comments on their work in order to help them improve, but they are left confused and angry after becoming so used to the traditional grading system. By the end of term, however, even Wiliam is surprised by the impact the experiment has had on the students' academic achievement.

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