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Welcome to China (03:46)


Every Spring Festival families travel home to celebrate the holiday with their families. This episode will examine the preparations leading up to Chinese New Year, how rural China used to celebrate the holiday, and mass motorbike migration. The lunar calendar dictates what day the 15 day celebration begins in January or February. (Credits)

Traveling Home (08:48)

During Chunyun, one billion people need to travel across the country to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families. 21 million people live in Beijing; a large control room monitors traffic activity using taxis. 54 million people travel by airplane during the Spring Migration; 5.6 million people travel by railroad in one day. Jing Lusi tours the railroad control center.

Reuniting With Loved Ones (02:00)

Kate Humble watches families reunited at the Beijing Airport. Li Tongyu reunites with her parents and brother.

Motorbike Flotilla (03:13)

Dave Myers and Si King take part in the annual motorbike migration, traveling from Guangdong province with migrant workers to their home villages. Volunteers supply water, ginger porridge, heaters, and repairman for free at stations marked along the route.

Auntie Porridge (05:05)

Myers and King learn how to make congee. The pair meets parents heading home to see their children for the first time in months. A Chinese family invites them to their home to celebrate the New Year.

Snow and Ice Festival (12:43)

Antstead attends the Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin. Participants swim in icy river water, sled, bike across the ice, and tour the lighted up frozen monuments. Learn how they construct the city of ice; this year the festival pays homage to the Silk Road.

Ancient Fireworks (04:29)

In Nuan Quan has a geothermal spring which never freezes. Lusi learns how Mr. Xue creates Dashuhua, who learned the technique from his grandfather and attends a local performance.

Year of the Monkey (02:31)

Chinese New Year falls on a different day each year. The monkey is perceived as wise and powerful.

Endangered Animal (06:32)

Humble visits Yunnan Province to search for snub-nosed monkeys, which locals are trying to prevent from extinction. Scientists examine monkey feces daily for parasites. Chinese New Year celebrates the culture and people of China.

Credits: Chinese New Year: Migration (00:42)

Credits: Chinese New Year: Migration

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The first episode, presented by Kate Humble, Jing Lusi and Ant Anstead, follows the weeks leading up to New Year and is based at the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival—an extraordinary sub-zero celebration in China's far north east. It is an ice wonderland, full of people braving the cold, diving into icy water and enjoying themselves at subzero temperatures.

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