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Aliens: Introduction (03:53)


Martin Rees examines the search for extra-terrestrials. This program will explore different expert's viewpoints on aliens. The royal society launched a $70 million program to find intelligent life in the universe. (Credits)

Either We Are Alone in the Universe or We Are Not... (05:19)

In 1950, Enrico Fermi posited why we had not found an alien civilization and estimated how many alien communities should be in the universe. The Fermi Paradox describes how humans should see evidence of alien activity.

A Blade of Grass is a Commonplace on Earth... (11:36)

Two Mariner probes detected Mars was a barren planet. Scientists argue whether Earth is the only planet in our solar system that supports life. Lees discusses the origin of life; the Earth's first cell of life was created 4.5 billion years ago.

If ET's Not Out There, Then Earth is More than Merely Special... (12:34)

Scientists theorize how a multi-cellular organism grew on Earth; learn about the Rare Earth hypothesis. Theia collided with Earth and formed the moon; Lees and Webb describe their beliefs on whether the Earth is unique in the universe. Didier Queloz and Michel Mayor discovered how to identify planets that orbit around a star.

I Believe Alien Life is Quite Common in the Universe... (06:07)

Frank Drake created an equation to predict the number of civilizations with intelligent life in the universe. Dr. Anders Sandberg describes ways a society can destroy itself through technology.

The Surest Sign that Intelligent Life Exists Elsewhere... (05:20)

Radio telescopes search for extra-terrestrial life. Lees describes research done over the past decades, including Drake's creation of SETI.

To Expect Alien Technology to Be Just a Few Decades Ahead of Ours... (04:40)

Lees hypothesizes that artificial intelligence may grow smarter than human beings. Aliens may be super-advanced artificial intelligence. Hear a summary of the episode.

Credits: Aliens: The Big Think (00:36)

Credits: Aliens: The Big Think

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This episode of The Inside View features Britain’s Royal Astronomer, Lord Martin Rees, as he asks whether we’ll ever find aliens with similar biology to our own. Lord Rees, along with other astrobiology experts, assesses the remarkable recent advances made in this area. Are we really alone? Or are there others out there? And, if so, what do they look like?

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