Segments in this Video

Main Duties and Responsibilities (00:56)


J. Michael Considine, JR. is a lawyer with two offices. Civil litigation is any lawsuit that is filed outside the criminal courts.

Career Beginnings (00:57)

Law school is competitive and takes hard work to become an undergraduate. In the first year everyone has the same routine and takes the same courses.

Keys for Success (01:19)

It is important to keep learning to be successful. In civil litigation you will need to develop courage to fight constant battles.

Education and Certification Requirements (01:24)

The first step is a Bachelor's degree and then a law degree from an accredited university. The final step is taking and passing the bar exam.

Workplace Atmosphere (01:29)

Considine, JR. travels between his two offices and goes overseas for work. Lawyers can work forty hours per week and have a balanced life.

Advice for Aspiring Pros (01:07)

Learn by doing and getting involved in issues. Considine, JR. recommends clerking for a judge, because judges have so much power and lawyers need to learn how judges want things done.

Day on the Job (02:49)

A typical day for an attorney is started by planning and prioritizing. Considine, JR. makes a list of things to do, which includes interviews, writing, and depositions.

Industry Goals and Services (01:06)

Put the interest and goal of the client first. In civil litigation the usual outcome is getting the client money. Relationship problems are at the heart of many disputes.

Industry Challenges (02:36)

The biggest challenge is judges that do not follow the law. Litigation has become about getting as much money as possible. Unjust cases discourage Considine, JR.

Looking at the Future (01:17)

Law provides a service that is important to have a relationship with the client. There will always be a human element in legal practices.

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