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Uprising—Introduction (06:22)


Sigourney Weaver travels to China to investigate air pollution and China's shift to clean energy. America Ferrera goes to Chicago to meet with Sierra Club's Christine Nannicelli about closing coal plants in America.

Air Pollution (03:09)

Weaver speaks with former U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke about the pervasive smog in Beijing. The Chinese government tried to suppress data about air pollution gathered at the U.S. Embassy. Chinese social media and protests have influenced China's policies toward polluters.

Coal Power Consequences (04:19)

Residents of Waukegan live close to a coal plant and suffer health problems. They started a local movement to protest the NRG plant and demand new power solutions.

Quitting Coal (02:58)

Weaver speaks with a climate advisor about China's reliance on cheap power and how a move toward more service-based economy will lower power needs. Even if China moves away from manufacturing, other countries may start manufacturing and polluting more.

Clean Power Lake County (03:45)

Ferrera talks with the mayor of Waukegan about the impact the coal plant has on the community. She speaks with Dulce Ortiz about community activism.

Awareness of Climate Change (03:46)

Weaver speaks with Barbara Finamore about swaying China's views and strategy about climate change; they meet with the administrator of a major Chinese power plant. Coal consumption in China is declining as more clean power solutions are available.

Lobbying Representatives (03:24)

Ferrera sits in on a community organizing meeting to continue the fight against NRG and its coal plant. She joins Ortiz and other activists at a protest to support the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.

Carbon Cap and Trade (02:44)

Weaver speaks with Dan Dudek about China's efforts to create a carbon cap and trade system to control pollution. Cap and trade laws are a good way force polluters to pollute less or pay for their pollution. Dudek is pessimistic about American pollution and resistance to cap and trade legislation.

Greening Energy Suppliers (03:51)

Ferrera meets with former NRG CEO David Crane about trying to transform energy companies. Crane discusses the economic feasibility of coal power and the unwillingness of businesses to be stymied by health and environmental concerns.

Profitable Renewable Energy (03:28)

Weaver speaks with Richard Lancaster, of China Light and Power, about expanding renewable energy investment. Climate change and pollution are real costs associated with coal and fossil fuels.

Fighting Coal Polluters (05:40)

Ferrera listens to Clean Power Lake County activists as they speak at an NRG stockholder meeting in Philadelphia. Ortiz and other activists talk about their successes and failures pressuring NRG. Ferrera speaks with Michael Bloomberg about fighting the coal industry.

Paris Climate Agreement (04:07)

Weaver, John Podesta, and Orville Schell discuss the U.S./China partnership to combat climate change. Weaver listens to individuals who are pushing for more aggressive action.

Beyond Coal (02:27)

Ferrera talks about the progress and setbacks of the Clean Power Lake County campaign. Ortiz discuses the right to clean air and clean water. Weaver reflects on the U.S./China partnership. (Credits)

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Burning coal remains a major source of energy, emitting toxic pollutants and carbon dioxide. North of Chicago, in Waukegan, Illinois, America Ferrera meets with activists, backed by the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, who are working to shut down a local coal plant, and with a mayor who wants to keep it open. Residents complain that the pollution is making them sick. Ferrera learns about an option that can provide clean energy, green jobs and scenic development of the lakefront. Pollution from energy plants is choking the air in many Chinese cities, and the middle class there has joined with activists to pressure the government to clean up the environment. Sigourney Weaver investigates China's impact on today's global environment, and the progress it is making to reduce emissions even as its economy grows. China is investing more money in clean energy than any other country in the world.

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