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Collapse of the Oceans: Introduction (04:30)


Joshua Jackson speaks about his love for the ocean and rising concerns over ocean acidification. Jim Barry, of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, talks about the impact on marine aquaculture and reef systems.

Great Barrier Reef (04:27)

Jackson visits Australia to see the impact of climate change. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg describes the ways the ocean is drastically changing in response to anthropogenic climate change.

Future for Coral Reefs (05:01)

Jackson explains how CO2 is acidifying the ocean due to human pollution. Hoeghe-Guldberg shows Jackson an experiment that illustrates how ocean acidification is going to affect coral reefs.

How Long Have We Got? (07:07)

Jackson rides along with scientists of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey project. These scientists are mapping the Great Barrier Reef to establish baselines for coral health and growth. Since the 1970s, the world has lost up to 50% of its coral reefs.

Coral Triangle (03:59)

Jackson travels to the Philippines to speak with Rene Juntereal. Reef collapse poses a threat to the millions of Filipinos who rely on the ocean for subsistence.

Apo Island Marine Reserve (04:11)

Jackson and Juntereal dive on the protected reefs surrounding Apo Island. Jackson sees a portion of the reef that succumbed to a storm due to bleaching and weakness. Juntereal speaks about the slow rate of recovery for reefs.

Fishing Apo Island's Reefs (04:43)

Jackson meets Zenon and Joery, a father and son who fish the reefs on Apo Island. The men are unable to locate any game to bring home for dinner. Jackson and Juntereal speak to the fishermen about the declining health of the reef system.

Typhoon Nona (04:19)

Typhoon Nona devastates the Philippines while Jackson is there. Jackson speaks to Laura David about climate change and its effects on the ocean. 380 million people in the West Indies rely on coral ecosystems for food.

Political Solutions (04:08)

Jackson speaks with Loren Legarda about what the Philippine Government is doing to combat climate change and prepare for the oncoming ecological disaster. Major emitters of greenhouse gases are not doing enough to curb pollution.

Cascading Effects of Acidification (04:15)

Jackson speaks with Sylvia Earle about the dire threat of climate change. Earle describes the colossal effects humans have had on oceans. Designated by Barack Obama, Papahanaumokuakea Marine Reserve is the largest protected area on Earth.

At a Crossroads (03:19)

Earle speaks with Jackson about carbon taxes and caps, which are the only hope to arrest the degradation of the ocean. Earle thinks ignorance is the key stumbling block in the fight to protect the environment and the ocean.

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Collapse of the Oceans

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At the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Joshua Jackson investigates the devastating impacts of ocean warming on coral reefs and looks at the predicted impact on ocean ecosystems, and on our own food supply, of ocean acidification. He travels to the Philippines, whose citizens rely heavily on healthy reefs for food and other ocean products and for protection from storms. He finds that fishermen are no longer able to sustain their families because of the increasing scarcity of fish.

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