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Uprooted: Introduction (03:41)


Veteran reporter Thomas Friedman encounters smugglers arriving with refugees bound for the shores of Europe. Don Cheadle and Felicia Marcus get an aerial view of the effects of drought; Marcus and her board decide when and how to ration water in California. (Credits)

European Migration Crisis (04:50)

Nearly 2 million people have been on the move in the last year. The occupancy of a Paris shelter that houses African migrants recently doubled. John Kerry does not believe the majority of human migration to Europe is climate driven; Jon England disagrees.

California Central Valley (04:25)

The agricultural area has been hit hard by drought. Tom Barcellos discusses the water table level; half of the nation's produce originates in the valley. Owners of a small oats and alfalfa farm discuss the impact of drought; the well is their only source of water.

Sahel Region (04:00)

Friedman experiences 117 degree temperatures. At the desert crossroads outside of Agadez, he interviews Africans fleeing the country; 17,000 migrants pass through the spot every week. A migration center provides aid to those leaving Africa; men describe their experiences in Libya.

Global Food Crisis (03:38)

The Teledo family can afford to plant one more crop, but their well is dry. Jay Famiglietti measures the world's ground water levels; agriculture around the world is at risk.

Dirkou, Niger (03:29)

A crowd of men gathers at a transport truck near the Libyan border. Deserts are rapidly expanding across agricultural lands; Niger loses 100,000 hectares every year. In desperation, youth respond to the call of extremism.

Radical Solution (02:32)

Gov. Jerry Brown's bill would reduce the consumption of oil in California by half. Conditions like those in Central Valley could stretch across the U.S.

Climate Change and Extremism (03:03)

Monique Barbut and Friedman compare maps of desertification vulnerability, food riots, and terrorist attacks. By 2045, 60 million people may migrate out of South Africa. The Great Green Wall would turn deserts into fertile land.

Reducing Gas Consumption? (03:23)

A decreasing water supply forces the Teledo family to move their animals. Tom Steyer supports efforts to fight climate change, despite the oil industry's denial. Gov. Brown's bill does not pass.

Dakar, Senegal (02:30)

Meteorological Authority Climate Division Head Dr. Ousmane Ndiaye discusses rising temperatures and its impact on agriculture. A climate model depicts an average temperature rise of four degrees.

Empty Reserve Tanks (02:29)

Adam Toledo travels once a week to collect enough water to fill the tanks. The family struggles to water their oat crop.

Stability in Senegal (06:16)

Friedman attends a Matador concert; the rapper sings about migration. Djilly earns a few dollars a day selling trinkets; he contemplates leaving. Friedman visits Djilly's village and sees the effects of desertification.

California Drought (03:02)

The rains were not enough and the Toledo family's oat crop failed; they had to move. Gov. Brown pushes to combat climate change; cities and states join a climate pact.

Ndiamaguene, Senegal (02:45)

Friedman visits a village significantly impacted by climate migration. Villagers may be forced to leave if situations do not improve. Friedman reflects on migration. (Credits)

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In Africa, Thomas Friedman finds an increasing population of refugees fleeing wars, rising sea-levels, desertification and hurricanes, as up to 1 billion people are expected to become climate refugees over the next century. Young men left without the prospect of farming are more likely to join extremist groups. Don Cheadle explores how Governor Jerry Brown is fighting both climate change and the historic California drought. A Central Valley scientist shows Cheadle the danger of a global water and food crisis, and he observes the problems that climate change is causing for farm families with no crops.

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