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The Power of Miracles: Introduction (02:13)


Morgan Freeman recalls surviving a childhood illness that some could describe as a miracle. Believers see miracles as proof of the divine. Freeman will explore ideas of miracles, fate, and faith in this episode.

Surviving Sure Death (05:59)

Alcides Moreno survived falling 47 floors; his brother died in the same accident. He believes God saved him, but wonders why his brother did not live. Freeman questions whether what happened was part of a divine plan or random.

Miracles of Passover (06:16)

Passover celebrates miracles of divine intervention during the Jews’ exodus from Egypt. Rabbi Maya Leibovich explains the meaning and symbolism of the food, rituals,and stories of Passover. These miracles gave Jews proof that God cared about them.

Sainthood (02:40)

The Vatican’s Monsignor Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo tells Freeman that if one doesn’t accept miracles, one cannot understand the Gospels. To become a saint, unless one is martyred, one must perform at least two miracles that must be verified.

Chance (04:18)

Freeman questions whether his successes in life are the results of chance. He asks psychology professor Danny Oppenheimer how rare an event has to be to call it miraculous. Random outcomes can be considered miraculous; probability does not rule out divine intervention.

Fate (05:32)

Ancient Romans believed that gods controlled fates and everything was preordained. Archaeologist Valerie Higgins explains that the Romans gambled to gain support from the gods.

Daoist Belief (04:43)

The focus of Daoism is not God, but the energy of the universe; one’s fate is set at birth. The Daoist life chart does not show predestination, but is like a map. Feng shui carries the idea that everything is interconnected.

Will of God (03:15)

Some people believe the twists and turns of life are random, others believe it is the will of God. Ahmed Ragab says that in the Muslim world, medicine is a conduit to the will of god; sickness and healing are God’s will. Freeman questions if belief in divine intervention can heal people.

Miracle Cure (05:18)

Physician Tom Renfro, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, believes that a divine miracle cured him. He tells scholar Candy Gunther Brown the story of his affliction and cure. Freeman remarks that what we call miraculous begins in the mind.

Lessons from Buddha (05:10)

Buddhism posits that we all have the mental power to perform miracles. Siddhartha Gautama left his life of privilege to search for an end to human suffering. He had a transformative experience and became the Buddha. Freeman notes how Buddhists exhibit the miracle of being content with their lives.

Source of Miracles (04:38)

A Tibetan lama explains that the source of happiness is love and respect. Monk Losang Tenpa states that the source of meaningful miracles is the inner God that resides in everyone. Freeman concludes that to believe in miracles is to believe there is more in life than meets the eye.

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The Power of Miracles

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What are miracles, and what might they mean? In the final episode of the series, Morgan Freeman goes to Manhattan to meet a man who fell 47 stories and lived, and to Jerusalem, where he learns at Passover that miracles are the foundation of the Jewish faith. In Rome, he discovers how the Vatican makes saints through their miracles and how ancient Romans believed the gods controlled every aspect of their lives. He explores the Chinese tradition of Daoism, in which miracles can happen because our lives are connected by a universal energy. Is a psychologist correct when he says miracles could be nothing more than random chance? Or could miracles come from the power of our minds? Cancer survivor Tom Renfro claims his recovery stemmed from the power of prayer. In India, at the site where the Buddha attained enlightenment, Freeman discovers that Buddhists believe all of us are capable of miracles if we focus our minds.

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