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Introduction: Who Is God (02:29)


Music feels like a religious experience to Morgan Freeman. In this episode he will search to find out if there is a universal concept of God.

Hindu Gods (02:40)

Having grown up with Christian concept of God, Freeman goes to India to see how other religions see God. There are millions of Hindu gods with different forms and powers. People adopt individual gods either through family or in times of distress.

Learning from Lalita (04:51)

Binda Paranjape takes Freeman to a ceremony dedicated to the goddess Lalita. For devotees, Lalita exists in the rhythmic energy of their chanting. Freeman understands the single divine energy behind the many Hindu gods.

Single Deity (04:17)

Archaeologists have discovered a monument at Durrington Walls that suggests a cultural shift to emphasis on the sun. Freeman notes that the people of Stonehenge may have been the first to worship the sun as a single god.

Akhenaten (04:04)

In 1350 BC, the pharaoh once known as Amenhotep IV, declared the sun Egypt’s only god and proclaimed that it manifested through him. After his death, priests tried to destroy any evidence of his existence, returning to the old religion.

Monotheism Takes Hold (03:58)

Tradition has it that Moses was found on the banks of the Nile, ushering in the belief in a single god. Yoram Hazony explains that in ancient Jerusalem, Abraham thought there should be one set of rules and one God. Jerusalem became the center of the religious world.

Abraham's Legacy (02:57)

The place where Abraham nearly sacrificed his son became the location of Judaism's first temple. By rejecting idols Abraham recognized that there was an invisible force giving moral order to mankind. Even though the Romans destroyed the temple in 70 AD, they did not destroy God.

Muslim Perception of God (04:32)

Freeman travels to Cairo where he visits Al-Hussein Mosque and witnesses the call to prayer. In Islam God can be experienced through any of the senses. Imam Al-Amir Mahfouz describes God as "beyond imagination."

Navajo Ceremony (03:37)

Freeman goes to New Mexico to witness the right of passage for a young Navajo woman. In this ceremony, God and a human being become one. The ceremony is based on a myth of the first man and woman.

Becoming One With the Divine (04:30)

To become a woman Maysun Peterson must connect with the divine spirit of Changing Woman. At dawn on the fourth day of the ceremony, the deity inhabits her and she runs toward the sun.

Neurotheology (06:43)

Freeman has his brain tested by Dr. Andy Newberg to see if there are any detectable changes while he is meditating on God. Freeman calls this observable evidence a physical manifestation of God inside us.

Megachurch Experience (05:23)

Freeman visits Houston’s Lakewood Church, which has a congregation of 10,000 people. Pastor Joel Osteen wants to make the experience of God personal and part of daily life. Freeman concludes that there is a bit of the divine in all of us.

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Who is God

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Is there some sense of God that all religions share? How has the identity of God changed over the millennia? In an epic quest to understand humanity's millions of gods, Morgan Freeman embarks on a deeply personal investigation that will take him around the world. He'll go from a modern American megachurch bursting with tens of thousands of people to Hindu temples bursting with millions of gods. He travels from the Navajo Nation in New Mexico where a Navajo girl communes with her divine ancestors, to the mosques of Cairo where Muslims speak to a God that has no physical from. He discovers how Stonehenge in pagan Britain is connected to a renegade Egyptian Pharaoh and to the birth of Judaism. And thanks to a high-tech mapping of Freeman's brain, he'll find out if God has a mental footprint.

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