Segments in this Video

Introduction: Star Talk: Seth Macfarlane (03:28)


Neil deGrasse Tyson introduces co-hosts Chuck Nice and Charles Liu; they discuss guest Seth Macfarlane and his show "The Family Guy."

Original Cosmos (04:12)

Macfarlane talks about his introduction to scientific inquiry, not being a good science student, and becoming the executive producer of Cosmos. Tyson tells co-hosts about meeting with Macfarlane before the Cosmos series.

Informed About Cosmology (04:56)

Macfarlane tells about picking Tyson's brain for science advice. Liu speaks about why science shows up in art and pop culture. Tyson shows a clip from "The Family Guy" that involves traveling to the beginning of the universe.

Art and Science (05:10)

Tyson and co-hosts talk about a clip from "The Family Guy" and discuss the intersection of comedy, science, and being offensive. Macfarlane speaks about voicing Carl Sagan and the need to serve the truth.

Animation History (05:02)

Tyson and co-hosts discuss the history of animation as an art form. Tyson speaks about the codification of cartoon physics. Nice reads a viewer question about time machines for the Cosmic Queries segment.

Parodying Star Wars and Star Trek (05:18)

Macfarlane talks about the many parodies his show has performed of Star Wars and Star Trek. Tyson shows a clip from "The Family Guy" of an episode involving Star Trek actors.

Geeking Out (03:55)

Tyson and Macfarlane talk about aliens and what contact with aliens might mean for humanity. Tyson explains that the writer's room for "The Simpsons" includes a number of scientists and advance degree holders.

Math in "The Simpsons" (04:15)

Tyson and co-hosts welcome author Simon Singh via video link. Singh talks about discovering that many writers of "The Simpsons" love math and hide allusions to mathematics in many episodes.

Road to the Multiverse (04:20)

Bill Nye talks about the humanity of cartoon characters and super heroes. Tyson and co-hosts talk about an episode of "The Family Guy" that is focused on advanced theoretical physics.

Landing on the Moon in 1500 AD (03:31)

Macfarlane and Tyson discuss the impact of the Dark Ages and what our history could have looked like if not for the repression of science that occurred.

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with Seth MacFarlane, creator of the popular animated series Family Guy. Comedian co-host Chuck Nice and astrophysicist Charles Liu join Tyson in the Hall of the Universe to discuss the science of Family Guy, social issues in cartoons, and the science fiction parodies abound in the series.

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