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Introduction: Star Talk: Jimmy Carter (04:45)


Neil deGrasse Tyson introduces his co-hosts, Chuck Nice and Mark Siddall, bringing them on to discuss his interview with the former president. Tyson talks to Carter about the influence his science and engineering background had on his political career.

The Carter Center (05:19)

Tyson and co-hosts talk about Carter post-presidency. Siddall explains his work and role as "the leech guy." He answers questions about parasites and ways in which leeches might be beneficial.

Countdown to Zero (04:50)

Siddall explains what the parasitic Guinea worm is and why the Carter Center is focused on eradicating it. Cater speaks about traveling to villages in Asia and Africa to teach the methods of exterminating Guinea Worm Disease.

Diplomacy and Politics (05:53)

Siddall explains why the Guinea worm causes excruciating pain in humans as part of its life cycle. Carter talks about the diplomacy he must perform to facilitate an anti-disease campaign in certain regions.

Waging Peace (04:16)

Carter talks about using peaceful political pressure to garner support for the Guinea worm eradication effort. Carter tells of the Guinea worm ceasefire in The Sudan. Siddall talks about how diseases arise and spread in conflict zones.

Science vs Superstition (06:29)

Carter speaks about the difficulty in convincing villagers that sometimes sacred waters are responsible for disease and infection. Siddall speaks about the right ways to educate people towards their best interests.

Future Targets for Countdown Zero (03:50)

Siddall talks about his moral clarity in pursuing the extinction of the Guinea worm. Carter talks about the future targets of disease eradication for the Carter Center's efforts.

Parasitic Infections (03:09)

Siddall explains that "river blindness" is a condition caused by a parasitic nematode that infects human flesh and then causes blindness via corneal scarring. Tyson asks Siddall about what diseases he would like to see eradicated.

Microscopic Enemies (05:36)

Bill Nye talks about the dangers of microorganisms and how advancements in science have rendered us safe from many diseases and parasites. Tyson, Nice, and Siddall talk about all the viruses, bacteria and parasites that are present inside people. (Credits)

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Jimmy Carter

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States and founder of The Carter Center, whose objective is to wage peace and fight disease around the world. Comedian co-host Chuck Nice and parasitologist Mark Siddall join Tyson in the Hall of the Universe to discuss topics including the nature of parasites, how culture has played a role in the history of diseases, and the winning effort to eradicate the guinea worm.

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