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Introduction: Star Talk: Mars 1 (05:51)


Neil deGrasse Tyson introduces co-hosts Eugene Mirman and Mike Massimino for this episode focusing on the Mars 1 mission proposal and Mars 1 CEO Bas Lansdorp. Tyson and co-hosts examine the idea behind the Mars 1 mission, a one-way trip to Mars.

Permanent Settlement (04:12)

Lansdorp explains the primary benefits of a one-way mission to Mars. Tyson asks Lansdorp about the planned landing site for the Mars 1 mission. Tyson speaks with Mirman and Massimino about the surface conditions on Mars.

Funding Mars 1 (05:44)

Tyson asks Lansdorp about funding the Mars 1 Mission through reality television. Mirman and Massimino discuss the idea of a televised mission with Tyson. Massimino talks about the failure rate for robotic missions to Mars.

One-Way Trip (05:21)

Tyson asks Lansdorp about the reason he will not be going on the Mars 1 mission. Tyson talks to Lansdorp about the people applying to the Mars 1 program.

Candidate Search (05:20)

Tyson and co-hosts welcome a Mars 1 mission candidate to the show via video chat. Ryan MacDonald talks about what drove him to volunteer for a one-way mission to Mars.

Living on Mars (05:41)

Tyson, Mirman, and Massimino examine the difficulties of staying alive on the Martian surface. Lansdorp speaks about reproduction for Martian colonists. Mirman and Massimino talk about colonists having babies and kids on Mars.

Cosmic Queries & Risk (06:47)

Mirman presents a viewer's question about swimming in low gravity on Mars. Tyson asks Lansdorp about the terminal risks and survival chances for the Mars 1 mission.

Boot Prints, Not Body Bags (05:12)

Bill Nye speaks about his opinion of the Mars 1 mission and the importance of funding real space exploration. Mirman and Massimino talk about the nature of a suicide mission as the first manned mission to Mars. (Credits)

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Mars One

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with Bas Lansdorp, co-founder of Mars One, a non-profit organization with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars. Comedian co-host Eugene Mirman and former astronaut Mike Massimino join Tyson in the Hall of the Universe to discuss topics including the logistics of getting to Mars, how to sustain human life there, and even speak via live video call to one of the finalists out of thousands of applicants who is willing to volunteer his life for the mission.

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