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Star Talk: Arianna Huffington — Introduction (04:18)


Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses the interview with guests Chuck Nice and Jeff Jarvis. Huffington talks about the genesis of "The Huffington Post" and moving journalism online.

Blogging and Journalism (03:16)

Jarvis talks about the evolution of publishing and the end of the era of Gutenberg. Nice talks about bias and seeking out news that matches your views. Tyson asks Jarvis about aggregation of news.

Aggregation (03:35)

Huffington talks about the proper way to perform news aggregation and increase consumption. Jarvis speaks about the role and purpose of journalists. Tyson and Jarvis discuss citations and how analytic metrics can deceive readers about the acceptance of ideas and facts.

Wonder and Mystery (03:38)

Jarvis talks about the courses in journalisms that he teaches. Journalists need curiosity, critical thinking, and need to learn more about scientific investigation. Huffington speaks about religious curiosity and spirituality leading to science.

Conflict of Science and Religion (04:45)

Tyson and co-hosts discuss the conflict that arises between science and religion. Tyson tells a story of a tweet on Christmas day about Isaac Newton and the response it garnered. Jarvis talks about the voices of the misguided and misinformed on the internet.

Digital Age Journalism (05:03)

Tyson, Jarvis, and Nice talk about "technopanic" and the evolving age of the internet. Huffington discusses the artificiality of social media with Tyson. Jarvis talks about using social media to connect with people and share experiences.

Internet Trolls (05:40)

Tyson asks Huffington about internet trolls and how The Huffington Post deals with that kind of internet denizen. Huffington talks about human nature and anonymity engendering bad behavior. Tyson, Jarvis, and Nice discuss how to deal with trolls online.

Wealth and Power (07:32)

Huffington talks about her book "Thrive" and how to lead a happy productive life. Sleep, rest, and meditation are crucial parts of recharging the body and brain. Tyson and co-hosts talk about work and a healthy work-life balance.

New Futures for News (04:08)

Bill Nye talks about sharing information and how humans excel at disseminating information and communicating with each other. Jarvis talks about the need for humanity to come up with new paradigms for news and media to improve journalism with technology.

All The Bad News (02:11)

Huffington talks about the need to stop focusing on the negative and bringing solutions to the attention of readers and news consumers. Positive stories and information can change the way people react to the news. (Credits)

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Arianna Huffington

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Pulitzer Prize winning news blog The Huffington Post. Comedian co-host Chuck Nice and journalism professor Jeff Jarvis join Tyson to discuss living in the information age and the future of journalism.

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