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Star Talk: George Takei — Introduction (05:24)


Neil deGrasse Tyson introduces co-hosts Leighann Lord and Charles Liu and guest George Takei. Tyson talks to Takei about how he landed the role of Sulu on "Star Trek."

Representation and Diversity (04:50)

Liu talks about Asian representation in the "Star Trek" television show. Tyson and co-hosts discuss the legacy of the original "Star Trek" show. Episodes such as "Let That Be Your Last Battleground" had social commentary and pulled from racially charged current events.

Internment and Racism (06:21)

Takei talks about the horror of being interned with his family during the Japanese internment during WWII. Tyson and co-hosts discuss the racism inherent in the policy. Liu explains how the human brain is wired to discriminate.

Technology and Science Fiction (05:15)

Lord, Liu, and Tyson discuss the real world applications of advanced technology portrayed in "Star Trek." Takei talks about reaching for the stars and the way science fiction sets real goals for the future. Tyson and co-hosts discuss the rift between defense spending and science spending in the U.S. government.

Science of "Star Trek" (03:06)

Tyson talks about the science displayed in "Star Trek" and his misconceptions about the Warp Drive. Liu and Lord express disbelief about Tyson's incorrect view of "Star Trek's" science.

Warp Drives and Wormholes (04:00)

Takei asks Tyson about his views on wormhole physics and whether we will ever be able to create such a device. Tyson talks about his difficulty in predicting such a large leap in scientific advancement. Liu talks about the spread of humanity once we have interstellar travel.

Futurism and Scientific Cuisine (06:39)

Tyson, Lord, and Liu speak about what technologies we will see from the "Star Trek" universe first. Takei talks about cuisine crafted with science and technology. Tyson and co-hosts talk about ways science can improve food and drinks.

A Better Tomorrow (03:00)

Bill Nye talks about a vision of the future that is truly inspired by "Star Trek," an optimistic view of improvement for the human race.

In Our Lifetime (05:32)

Takei and Tyson discuss what kind of science fiction like advancements we can look forward to in our lifetimes. Takei talks about lunar and Martian exploration. Lord, Liu, and Tyson discuss the way humans project themselves into science fiction portrayals of aliens. (Credits)

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with actor George Takei, a.k.a "Sulu" on the original Star Trek TV series and films. Comedian co-host Leighann Lord and special guest astrophysicist Charles Liu discuss Star Trek's legacy as a series that pioneered the virtues of diversity, science and optimism in American culture.

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