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Star Talk: Chris Hadfield — Introduction (03:51)


Neil deGrasse Tyson introduces his guest, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, and his co-hosts Eugene Mirman and Mike Massimino. Tyson, Mirman, and Massimino discuss repairing things in space and space tools.

First Tweet From Space (04:44)

Massimino talks about using Twitter from space. Tyson talks about the numbers of humans who have been to space. Tyson asks Hadfield what made him decide to be an astronaut.

Dangerous Occupations (04:21)

Massimino talks about how he became an astronaut. Tyson asks Hadfield about the dangers of being a test pilot and an astronaut. Tyson, Mirman, and Massimino talk about the most dangerous encounter Massimino had in space.

Social Media Savvy (05:21)

Tyson and co-hosts talk about Hadfield's social media savvy as an astronaut. Hadfield talks about the difference in social media being available to astronauts from the early days of space exploration. Tyson asks Massimino about how social media has made space exploration more accessible to the public.

Space Oddity (04:56)

Tyson shares the first music video from space, created by Hadfield aboard the International Space Station. Tyson asks Hadfield about how he got a guitar in space. Hadfield talks about the idea and making of the video.

Beauty of Space (02:52)

Tyson and co-hosts talk about music in space and recreation for astronauts. Massimino talks about the beauty of the stars looking out from a spaceship.

Living in Zero Gravity (06:19)

Tyson and Massimino talk about the concept of zero gravity versus microgravity. Tyson asks Hadfield about returning to the Earth after living for extended periods in weightlessness. Tyson and Massimino talk about the physical effects of living in space and the changes in the bodies of astronauts.

International Space Station (06:04)

Tyson, Mirman, and Massimino talk about the Cold War origins of the U.S. space program. Hadfield speaks about working closely with cosmonauts in the space program and aboard the ISS. Tyson and co-hosts talk about the universal bonding between astronauts and humans who share common interests across national boundaries.

Mission to Mars (05:38)

Bill Nye speaks about the importance of searching for life in the cosmos and the need to travel to Mars. Tyson speaks with Hadfield about the current state of a manned mission to Mars. (Credits)

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with Chris Hadfield, the social media savvy astronaut and first Canadian to walk in space. Comedian co-host Eugene Mirman and special guest, former astronaut Mike Massimino, discuss life in space and how social media can now connect everyone on and even off of Earth.

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