Segments in this Video

Crossroads—Recap and Title Sequence (02:08)


Scenes from previous episodes of "Mars." Hana Seung talks about faith and perseverance in pursuit of goals.

2037: Aftermath (04:57)

Leslie Richardson tries to speak about her husband Paul in a video diary entry. Hana, Robert Foucault, and Javier Delgado search through the destroyed western wing of the base. Hana speaks about the cost of tragedy.

2016: Apollo 13 (03:06)

Ann Druyan and Roger Launius explain how the Apollo 13 mission drastically changed the course of space exploration. The specter of losing astronauts to a technical glitch changed the attitude of the public and politicians toward space exploration.

2037 and 2016 Mars Missions (04:46)

Ed Grann and Joon Seung discuss how to proceed on Earth after the disaster on Mars. Stephen Petranek states the Saturn V rocket was overbuilt. The Apollo Program's end objective was to send astronauts to Mars; the Space Shuttle program began after the Apollo 13 disaster.

2037: Scavenging Supplies (04:00)

Javier Delgado and Marta Kamen return to the abandoned Russian workshop to scavenge supplies and parts. Joon leads a meeting of the IMSF board to decide what the future of the Mars Mission will be. Hana speaks with Richardson about the tragedy.

2037: Mission Failed (04:33)

Hana and Joon speack via video phone about the future of the Mars Mission. Joon reveals that she recommended the termination of the Martian colony. Hana visits the graves of fallen astronauts and recalls training for the mission with Ben Sawyer.

2016 and 2037: Space Exploration and Daedalus (06:10)

Druyan speaks about the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Program. Robert Zubrin discusses the abdication of the Mars exploration goal. Hana and Foucault take the rover back to the Daedalus and bring it back on line; the crew will be returning to Earth on board the Daedalus.

2037: Preparing Exodus (05:12)

Kamen and Richardson speak about research, science and Paul. Hana, Richardson and Kamen investigate a mystery.

2016: Road Not Taken (02:20)

Elon Musk and Kai Musk visit the historic launch tower at Launch Pad 33A. Musk talks about the long-term goal of self-sustaining civilization on Mars.

2016: Reusable Rockets (05:33)

Musk talks about failed launches while waiting for a new SpaceX ship to launch. Reusability of rockets is crucial to designing an economical mission to Mars. SpaceX employees watch the launch and successful return of a the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket.

2037: Life on Mars (03:30)

Kamen, Richardson and Hana make a final rover and EVA excursion to search for wind-borne life. Joon announces to the IMSF and press that the Mars Mission has found life on Mars. (Credits)

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A devastating tragedy in the colony forces everyone on Mars and Earth to question the mission. While the Olympus Town settlement tries to cope and continue its mission, controlling groups back on Earth struggle with a potential decision to end the mission. In the present-day documentary, commercial space company SpaceX again attempts to pioneer the rocket technology that would help mankind reach the red planet.

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