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Darkest Days—Recap and Title Sequence (02:18)


Scenes from the previous episodes of "Mars." Hana Seung recaps the current situation at the Mars colony base.

2037: Weeks of Darkness (03:50)

Eight weeks into the storm, the denizens of the Mars base are depressed and growing tired of the storm protocol. Paul Richardson is angry that the power rationing will affect his greenhouse lights.

2016—2037: Storms (06:17)

Jim Green speaks about studying the dust storms found on Mars that pose a threat to human habitation. Ed Grann speaks to his board of directors about the future of the Mars program. Paul tends to the hybrid crops; Amelie Durand gives Paul a medical exam.

2016: Habitation Test (03:00)

Petranek speaks about the time scales imposed on astronauts traveling to Mars. Kim Binstead explains the HI-SEAS research facility, and it's role in planning for a Mars mission.

2037: Under Strain (04:27)

Robert Foucault leaves a video diary discussing the difficulties of maintaining the station. Paul and Leslie Richardson discuss events in their quarters. Durand narrates file notes about Paul's psychological state. Foucault, Seung and Delgado discuss options for repairing the power grid.

2037: PR and Psych Problems (06:18)

Grann and Joon speak about the PR problems facing the mission in the face of the long storm. Delgado and Foucault take a rover out into the storm to repair a junction box. Paul works plant seedlings by the light of a single grow lamp. Durand and Leslie talk about Paul's mental health.

2016 and 2037: Psychological Strain (07:33)

Mars crews could experience psychological pressures that may lead to a break down. Dinges gives an example from Shackleton's expedition to the South Pole. Durand checks on the well-being of multiple crew members. Foucault and Delgado brave the sand storm to find and repair a power junction box.

2016: Vulnerability to Spaceflight (02:24)

Dinges speaks about conflict between crew members and the lack of understanding about psychological vulnerabilities in astronauts. In a Russian experiment, six crew members were isolated in a habitat to simulate a mission to Mars.

2037: Finding the Way (03:52)

Foucault leaves his tether to the rover and tries to locate the power cable. Delgado worries until Foucault reports found the junction box. Hana and Joon Seung converse via video chat.

2037: Storm's End (06:15)

The storm finally lifts and the base regains power from its solar arrays. The crew celebrates their survival of the storm. A tragedy is about to occur as one crew member suffers a psychological break and endangers the base. (Credits)

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Darkest Days

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In 2037, the dust storm has lasted for months and the Olympus Town settlement’s infrastructure is suffering as well as the mental well-being of its residents. The psychological pressures of life on Mars reveal themselves while the crew is trapped inside the habitat. In the present-day documentary, scientists study the effects of extreme isolation in various long-term analog missions in order to prepare for a future manned mission to Mars.

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