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2033: First Mission to Mars (03:49)


tHe Daedalus Crew marches through the dark. Ben Sawyer speaks about dreams, exploration and frontiers. See footage of historic human explorers and space exploration. Ed Grann delivers a speech to the International Mars Science Foundation with the mission crew.

2033: Leaving Earth (03:21)

The Mars mission team boards the Daedalus for the final time before takeoff. Team Leader Ben Sawyer gives a speech to the crew and a final opportunity to back out of the multi-year mission.

2016: Sister Planets (03:53)

Jennifer Trosper, Andy Weir, and Elon Musk speak about the importance of humans getting to Mars. SpaceX hopes to launch a new era of space exploration from the historic Launch Pad 39A. Musk's objective is to help humanity become a space-faring civilization.

2033: Arrival (06:49)

The Mars team speaks about the importance of the mission for the future of humanity. Ben Sawyer speaks about the dangers of landing the Daedalus on the Martian surface. The Daedalus encounters trouble during the descent and Sawyer must make emergency repairs.

2016: Getting to the Surface (02:21)

Jim Green talks about landing a rover on the surface of Mars. SpaceX has an objective of creating reusable rocket technology. The design and implementation for a fully reusable rocket lander has poses several challenges.

2033: Rough Entry (03:52)

Hana Seung's twin sister Joon works at mission control. Sawyer makes the necessary repairs on the Daedalus, but cannot return to the safety of the cockpit before the spaceship entry turnover begins.

2033: Waiting for Contact (04:22)

Mission Control waits anxiously for contact from the Daedalus. Daedalus crew members speak about what they will miss from Earth during their mission. The Daedalus successfully lands on Mars, but there are complications.

2016: Establishing a Base Camp (01:54)

At a SpaceX planning meeting, Musk talks about the progression of robotic and crewed missions to Mars. Scientists and designers consider the necessary components of a Martian base camp for supporting human habitation.

2033: Sub-Optimal Landing (04:41)

Amelie Durand and Javier Delgado rush to render aid to Sawyer, who was injured in the entry. The ship landed over 75 km from the Martian base camp. Mission Control and the Daedalus crew brainstorm for solutions to the problem.

2033: Finding the Way (05:03)

Robert Foucault uses a remote link to pilot the Rover to the Daedalus. Sawyer talks about how hard the coming years will be without the Daedalus to support the crew. Sawyer hides the extent of his injuries. Ann Druyan considers the sights the first human travelers to Mars will see.

2016: Moving Off This Planet (03:59)

We are at a tipping point history. Petranek and Musk talk about the crucial technologies required for successful space colonization; a SpaceX rocket explode during a launch. James A. Lovell speaks about the dangers and opportunities of exploration and the spirit of explorers past and present.

2033: Leaving the Daedalus (01:41)

The team must use an overloaded rover to help them walk 75 km to the new base camp. Sawyer talks about the difficulties they face. (Credits)

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In 2033, the first human mission to Mars enters the red planet’s atmosphere but the crew of the Daedalus faces a life-threatening emergency when the ship’s landing system goes offline. The crew’s commander risks his life to fix the problem as mission control monitors back on Earth. In the present-day documentary, SpaceX attempts to land the world’s first reusable rocket in order to pioneer the critical technology that will help humans reach Mars.

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