Titles in this Series

The Age of Aging

Item #: 138006

More Than Human

Item #: 138007

Decoding the Brain

Item #: 138008

Fighting Pandemics

Item #: 138009

Energy on the Edge

Item #: 138010

Water Apocalypse

Item #: 138011

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Breakthrough provides a thought-provoking and imaginative perspective on scientific discovery as it unfolds. Each episode follows scientific explorers working on cutting edge projects with breakthrough potential: trans-formative tools that solve pressing problems (for example, developing an Ebola vaccine, finding a way to stop brain seizures, or bringing a new method of collecting water to an African village devastated by drought). The core belief of the series, reflected in every story, is that unleashing the creative potential of talented people can result in revolutionary change. When humans put their imagination to work, anything is possible. While the world faces many challenges, modern science and technology can and will meet those challenges and in the process, reveal the deepest workings of the universe. Given the magnitude of the stories, each episode of the series is helmed by a premiere director. Ron Howard, Brett Ratner, Paul Giamatti, Akiva Goldsman, Angela Bassett and Peter Berg are the directors for this first season. While the breakthrough itself provides the heartbeat for the hour, the vision of the explorers in front of the camera and the directors behind it merge to create a unique lens through which the breakthrough is experienced.

Length: 360 minutes

Item#: BVL138005

Copyright date: ©2015

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