Segments in this Video

Introduction: Bill Nye's Global Meltdown (03:59)


Bill Nye talks to his "therapist" Dr. Schwarzenegger about his climate change grief. See footage of Nye on various news shows arguing for climate change. Nye talks about the basics of climate change denial.

Climate Change Denial (04:03)

Nye does an experiment showing the way water expands when warmed. Nye flies over Miami and looks at the increased construction in an area where sea level rise may eliminate land. Florida legislators are resistant to studying and talking about climate change.

Politicians in Denial (03:45)

Nye interviews Representative Hill of Florida, who is a climate change denier. Nye talks about economic impacts of coastal flooding. Nye revisits his therapists office.

Climate Change Anger (04:17)

Nye talks to Mike Hudema of Greenpeace about protesting the Canadian tar sands development. Nye explains that huge CO2 emissions come from the tar sands oil industry. Hudema tells Nye about being arrested doing direct action protests against the mines.

Tar Sands Collateral Damage (02:45)

Nye talks to activist Melina Laboucan-Massimo about the impacts of the tar sands industry on the First Nations people who live nearby. Laboucan-Massimo talks about her efforts to save the land from the oil companies. Nye revisits his therapist's office.

Climate Change Bargaining (03:46)

Nye talks about efforts to embrace cleaner energy, like Cap and Trade programs. Nye talks to Marcus Nettz about Cap and Trade credits at Altamont Landfill. Nye explains how methane is captured from the landfill and used for power.

Carbon Sequestering (03:28)

Nye visits a Shell Oil facility that captures and sequesters carbon dioxide deep in the Earth's crust. Nye visits Miami Beach and talks to an engineer about adaptation efforts.

Climate Change Depression (06:24)

Nye talks to Dr. Schwarzenegger about his climate change grief process. Nye visits an ecologist who believes that we have already lost the fight against climate change. McPherson talks to Nye about the worst case scenario of climate change.

Acceptance (03:11)

Nye talks to Dr. Schwarzenegger about the bleak outlook of climate change. Nye talks about new green energy solutions, including electric cars. Nye test drives an electric sports car.

A More Optimistic Outlook (02:37)

Nye speaks with Mark Jacobson about an optimistic view of transitioning away from fossil fuels. Jacobson and his researchers have constructed plans to move every state in the US into a fully renewable power system.

Visions of the Future (05:51)

Nye talks with his therapist about technology and science that can save us from climate change. Nye gives two visions for the possible future of humankind. Nye talks about what each person can do to move the outcome towards the positive. (Credits)

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Bill Nye, the famous science guy, is feeling down. He’s visiting his therapist – Dr. Arnold Schwarzenegger – wondering why he just doesn’t feel like himself. He feels as if a horrible weight is on his shoulders, and life seems so empty, so meaningless. The therapist listens sympathetically, and diagnoses the cause: Bill is suffering from grief. Climate change grief.

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