Segments in this Video

National Cactus Park (03:15)


See footage of predators and prey facing off against each other. Some of the cacti inside Saguaro are over 200 years old and 4 stories tall.

Rattler vs Roadrunner (02:43)

See footage of a western diamondback rattler and a roadrunner as they face off in battle. Hear facts about the diamondback rattler and the roadrunner.

Desert in Bloom (03:41)

A giant saguaro can store up to two tons of water to get it through the dry months. See footage of blooming plants after the rainfall, hummingbirds, and rattlesnake competition and mating.

Cactus Garden Bounty (03:23)

See footage of javelinas carefully navigating the cholla cactus gardens. A coyote stalks the young. A female hummingbird preys on insects to feed her chicks.

Reptilian Predators (04:42)

The rattlesnake is an important part of the desert ecosystem; they keep the rodent population under control. See footage of a Gila monster preying on a Gambel's quail nest full of eggs.

Taking Care of Young (03:38)

A female hummingbird feeds her mostly grown chick. During the dry season in the park, any source of water attracts wildlife. See footage of a Harris's antelope squirrel pups.

Snake vs Squirrel (04:32)

See footage of a Harris's antelope squirrel facing off against a long-nosed snake to protect her young. The saguaro cactus can bloom even in the middle of a drought thanks to the amount of water it can store. A roadrunner warms itself in the morning sun.

Scorching Heat (03:52)

See footage of black harvester ants and a horned lizard preying upon them. Daytime temperature in the Saguaro National Park can reach over 115 degrees Fahrenheit; rainfall provides a much needed relief to the denizens of the park. See footage of a black-tailed rattlesnake capturing water to drink.

Finding Food Sources (03:54)

A ground squirrel carefully harvests cactus fruit from amid thorns. See time-lapse footage of nightfall in the desert. A giant hairy scorpion and a grasshopper mouse square off in battle.

Predator or Prey? (05:01)

See footage of the grasshopper mouse and giant hairy scorpion battling to the death. The grasshopper mouse has special anti-venom proteins that protect it from stings. A horned lizard defends itself from a coachwhip snake.

Monsoon Season (05:26)

See time lapse footage of thunderstorms over the desert. Heavy rains in the desert result in flash floods. See footage of park denizens enjoying the results of the rainfall. (Credits)

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Visit one of America's newest national parks - the Saguaro Desert in Arizona, where more species reside than any other desert in North America.

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