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Gates of the Arctic—Introduction (05:53)


Brown bears fish for salmon in Katmai National Park and Gates of the Arctic National Park. Learn about grizzly bear hyperphagia and fishing techniques.

Fall in the Park (04:21)

See footage of the changing climate as fall rolls in and winter approaches. Animals cope with the brutal winter inside the park in various ways. See footage of dall's sheep during the fall mating season.

Polar Bears and Musk Ox (03:43)

Polar bears wait by the coast for the water to freeze so they can hunt seals; mothers with small cubs need to be wary. Cubs receive milk from their mother that contains eight times the fat as human milk. The Gates of the Arctic is one of the coldest places in the U.S. The musk ox adapted to the harsh conditions.

Hibernation (05:30)

The hibernating arctic ground squirrel's body temperature drops below freezing; shivering allows the animal to raise its temperature back to normal. See footage of the Northern Lights. In early spring, the squirrel awakes from hibernation and searches for food and companionship.

Spring in the Park (03:58)

A wood frog thaws out after passing the winter frozen solid; it has a natural anti-freeze in it's blood that protects cells during the freeze. Dall's sheep evade bears in the heights of the Brooks Range.

Summer Arrives (06:51)

Ground squirrels forage for food after awakening from hibernation. See footage of ground squirrel babies playing and migrating caribou. Mountaineers climb Shot Tower.

Teaching Cubs (05:29)

Grizzlies fish in the Noatak River. Mother bears must instruct their cubs in proper fishing technique. See footage of cubs trying to master fishing techniques.

Search for Food (02:18)

Bears are omnivorous and supplement their diet of fish with berries, plants and other prey. A male grizzly hunts for squirrels in an alpine meadow.

Mating Season (02:56)

In late September, Moose engage in mating rituals. A conflict occurs between two bull moose.

Approaching Winter (03:07)

As winter approaches polar bears group on the ice and wait for the sea to freeze. Polar bears socialize and play fight. A mother polar bear mother weans her offspring. (Credits)

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Gates of the Arctic

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Bears, Moose, and an endless wilderness: The Gates of the Arctic national park in the north of Alaska is one of the last untamed places on our planet.

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