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Olympic: Introduction (03:46)


Olympic National Park lies on the coast of Washington State in North America. Learn facts about the park and see footage of the animals and ecosystems. Killer whales hunt sea lions.

Journeying Upstream (04:56)

The Coho salmon begin migration to spawning grounds in the winter. See footage of salmon navigating upstream, a black bear fishing, and river otters hunting salmon. Otters must eat one fifth of their weight every day to generate proper body heat.

Ecosystems in the Park (04:30)

See footage of Olympic's rainforest and many denizens of the ecosystem; the park is four times the size of New York city. The park's protected status keeps it safe from clear cutting. During nesting season, bald eagles feed their chicks daily.

Point of the Arches (04:06)

The ochre sea star helps maintain the ecosystem along the coast. Sea lions and seals swim in the coastal kelp beds. Sea otters prey on small creatures within the kelp beds and are crucial to maintaining balance in the ecosystem.

Gray Whales and Orcas (03:29)

Gray whales and their calves migrate north from Mexico to the Bering Sea. Transient orcas hunt a gray whale pod and prey on a calf.

Upper Altitudes (03:09)

See footage of Alpine meadows in the spring and Mount Olympus. Olympic marmots only reside inside the park. A bald eagle hunts marmots.

Peaks and Glaciers (02:54)

Plate tectonics helped form the Olympic Peninsula. Hundreds of glaciers dot the landscape; many are active. Marmots brave the early winter to forage for food. The Olympic Park is one of the wettest places in the U.S.

Training Cubs (03:56)

Black bears hunt for crabs on the shoreline. Adult male bears are a serious danger to young cubs. A group of harbor seals watches the bears on the shoreline.

Depths of the Ocean (02:41)

A research ROV investigates the depths of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. See footage of a plainfin midshipman, a ratfish, a spiny dogfish and six gill sharks.

Tatoosh Island (04:00)

A flock of common murre nest in their breeding grounds. Learn about bald eagle juvenile growth and coloration; see bald eagles hunting murres.

Turbulent Coastal Seas (02:56)

Storm season wracks the coast with brutal surf and wind. See footage of a pod of resident orcas in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Resident orcas do not prey on marine mammals; they only feed on fish in their territory.

Winter is Coming (03:43)

King salmon return to their home estuaries and an American dipper feeds on salmon eggs. Roosevelt Elk return to the high mountains for mating season. See footage of winter falling on Olympic National Park. (Credits)

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The Olympic Peninsula's rugged coastline, rainy forests and high summits team with wildlife, making it one of the most diverse parks in North America.

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